Live A Live Remake - Majin Ryunosuke Secret Boss Guide

Majin Ryunosuke secret boss guide for Live A Live Remake (Live A Live 2022 HD-2D Remaster), including the boss' location (where to find), how to beat, chapter encountered, stats, obtainable items, and boss drops.

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Majin Ryunosuke Secret Boss Guide for Live A Live Remake

Live A Live Remake - Majin Ryunosuke Secret Boss

Boss Overview

Chapter Encountered Twilight of Edo Japan
Location Path of Shuttered Lanterns
Status Optional


Level HP Power
15 1,248 90
Speed Vitality IQ
90 90 200
Drops and Rewards
Muramasa x1, Koban x1

Where to Find Majin Ryunosuke

Majin Ryunosuke is found at the Path of Shuttered Lanterns. You can reach the area by climbing down the wooden platform jutting out of the rooftop path. Then, interact with the stone lantern below to reveal the entrance to the Path of Shuttered Lanterns.

Follow the hallway through the first area of the Path of Shuttered Lanterns. Upon exiting to the second area, you will hear a clicking sound. Then, immediately turn back and re-enter the first area to find that it has changed. You will then be standing in a dark room with a sword on the wall. After Majin Ryunosuke appears (he will be initially be called Bloodthirsty Samurai), talk to him to battle him.

Boss Strategy

Live A Live Remake - Majin Ryunosuke Secret Boss Guide

Normal Strategy (With O-Robo)

It is highly recommended to take on Majin Ryunosuke with O-Robo in your party as the boss can easily deal massive damage in only a couple of turns. It is also recommended to be at least level 16 for the fight, giving you access to Deepest Dark and Death Blossom.

How to Recruit O-Robo

Oboromaru should be equipped with all Genji gear (Genji Helmet, Genji Glove, Genji Tabi, and Genji Armor) as well as Kotetsu.

Using Deepest Dark throughout the fight may allow you to instantly kill Majin Ryunosuke if you are lucky enough. Even the instant kill effect of Deepest Dark does not trigger, you will still be able to deal good damage to him. Have O-Robo or the Prisoner also focus on whittling away at Ryonuske’s health throughout the fight. When healing, stand diagonally above or below the boss to avoid getting hit as much as possible when his turn comes up. If you are at a considerably high level, use Death Blossom to burst down the enemies health while keeping yours up.

Solo Strategy

Another strategy is to only use Wind Slash and constantly move on the squares that are diagonally just below Ryunosuke. Before the boss’ action gauge is full, try to time your movement so that you are diagonally below him and two squares away from him. This will cause the Ryunosuke’s action gauge to be reset to half if he is not in range to hit you. Then, as he waits for his turn again, get in range and use Wind Slash to damage him. This process is quite tedious but it is possible to beat him with just Oboromaru alone.

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