Live A Live Remake - Present Day Chapter: The Strongest Walkthrough

Walkthrough and guide for Present Day Chapter: The Strongest in Live A Live Remake (Live A Live 2022 HD-2D Remaster), including a list of obtainable items and battle strategies. Live A Live Remake (2022) was released last July 22, 2022, and April 27, 2023, and is now playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

Live A Live Remake - Present Day Chapter: The Strongest Walkthrough and Guide

Walkthroug and Guide for Present Day Chapter: The Strongest in Live A Live Remake

Live A Live Remake - Live A Live Remake - Present Day Chapter: The Strongest Walkthrough and Guide

The Present Day is the fifth time period featured as a chapter in Live A Live Remake (Live A Live 2022 HD-2D Remaster) which follows the story of Masaru, a young martial artist who seeks to become the strongest fighter of all.

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Trophies and Achievements

Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyHail to the Champ Defeat the world’s six greatest fighters in the Present Day chapter.
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyHere Comes a New Challenger Complete the Present Day chapter.
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyWhat’s Yours is Mine Learn an opponent’s technique in the Present Day chapter.

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Character Availability
Live A Live Remake - Masaru Character SpriteMasaru Present Day Chapter onwards

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Present Day Walkthrough

Fighter Select

1 Masaru’s chapter simply requires you to defeat various opponents boss-rush style. Note that you can learn various techniques if you get hit by them that will be useful against other opponents so avoid defeating your enemy quickly.
2 Below is the recommended order of fighting the chapter’s various enemies along with strategies to learn their techniques and beat them.

Tola Han

1 Tola Han usually counters your attacks using Armlock and C.H. Hold, both of which can be learned during the fight.
2 Attack him with Spin Kick to damage him and heal using Taunt until he goes down.

Moribe Seishi

1 Moribe does not have a lot of HP but has good evasion. Wait for him to use Abisegeri by standing two squares away from him.
2 Heal using Taunt and position yourself diagonally from Moribe. Then, use C.H. Hold to damage him. When up close, he will use Tsuda so keep healing at this range.

Jackie Yowkeya

1 Alternating between Abisegeri to deal damage and healing with Taunt is a good general strategy against Jackie.
2 Stand next to Jackie to learn Alohalite and Ogre Grip (make sure you are healed up using Taunt). To learn Jackie’s Daigekido, use Armlock and C.H. Hold to inflict Hand and Foot status. Jackie should stop moving and begin charging Daigekido. Approach him diagonally from above to learn the last technique.


1 Attack Namkiat from a distance using Abisegeri and he should use Spiral Knee for you to learn.
2 Heal up with Taunt and engage him up close. He should use Punchama Kick, another move you can unlock. Afterwards, finish him off with Tsuda and keep healing until he goes down.

Great Aja

1 It is recommended to learn Great Aja’s techniques and defeat him quickly as he can poison you during the fight.
2 Start by using Abisegeri and Spiral Knee from a distance until Great Aja uses Tornado Press. Then, position yourself three square below Great Eja and keep healing with Taunt until he throws out F Steiner.

Max Morgan

1 Move a good distance away from Max and attack him with Abisegeri (do this 5 times).
2 Then, approach Max by moving 1 square toward him. He should throw out M Bomber and G Suplex for you to learn. Heal up with Taunt and finish him off with Ogre Grip or Alohalite.

Odie Olbright

1 Engage Odie up close and use Tsuda for 2 turns.
2 Afterwards, move away and attack him with Abisegeri. When you are near the wall, use Alohalite to knock Odio back. Reposition yourself and use Abisegeri again from a distance until Odie Olbright is defeated.
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