Live A Live Remake - King Mammoth Secret Boss Guide

King Mammoth secret boss guide for Live A Live Remake (Live A Live 2022 HD-2D Remaster), including the boss' location (where to find), chapter encountered, stats, obtainable items, drops, and how to beat it.

Live A Live Remake - King Mammoth Secret Boss Guide

King Mammoth Secret Boss Guide for Live A Live Remake

Boss Overview

Chapter Encountered Prehistory
Location Wilderness
Status Optional


Level HP Power
60 992 76
Speed Vitality IQ
40 100 8
King Fang, Cola Bottle

Where to Find King Mammoth

You can find King Mammoth in the open wilderness area just before the entrance of the first cave (where you find Zaki and the Kuu tribe warriors by a bonfire). The area is also directly below the overlook where you find the rock that looks like a head that you need to examine 100 times to open the secret cave housing the Basic Rock hidden item.

Sniff around the area using Pogo’s special ability (Y button) until you catch the scent of a mammoth (it will be relocating very fast). Press the A button rapidly around the area where you caught its scent to engage it in battle.

Boss Strategy

Try to at least be at level 11 before taking on King Mammoth. It is also recommended to have the following equipment for Pogo and Gori: Ooh Mask, Buzzing Knife, Bang Bang Drum, Clack Case, Gigigaga Wakka, Nose Ornament x4, and the Basic Rock accessory.

For healing items, bring at least 5 Giant Meaty Bone which can be farmed from the regular Mammoths in second wilderness area (after coming out of the cave where you fought Zaki a second time alone as Pogo).

When the fight begins, have Pogo use Gui Gui to stun King Mammoth, preventing it from moving for 1 turn. Alternatively, you can also use Gu Gu to put the boss to sleep. Then, wail focus on damaging the the boss while Gori uses Uki to poison the tiles that the boss standing on. When you get hit, use Giant Meaty Bones immediately to recover to full HP.

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