Live A Live Remake - Middle Ages Chapter: The Dark Lord Walkthrough


Walkthrough and guide for Middle Ages Chapter: The Dark Lord in Live A Live Remake (Live A Live 2022 HD-2D Remaster), including a list of obtainable items and battle strategies. Live A Live Remake (2022) was released last July 22, 2022, and April 27, 2023, and is now playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

Live A Live Remake - Middle Ages Chapter: The Dark Lord Walkthrough and Guide

Walkthrough and Guide for Middle Ages Chapter: The Dark Lord in Live A Live Remake

The Middle Ages is the eighth time period featured as a chapter in Live A Live Remake (Live A Live 2022 HD-2D Remaster). It can only be unlocked by clearing the first seven chapters of the game.

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Trophies and Achievements

Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyTriumph and Tragedy Defeat the Lord of Dark in the Middle Ages chapter.
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyThe Hero’s Vow Obtain Brion in the Middle Ages chapter.

Live a Live Remake Trophy and Achievement List


Character Availability
Live A Live Remake - Oersted Character SpriteOersted Middle Ages Chapter onwards
Live A Live Remake - StreiboughStreibough Middle Ages Chapter only
Live A Live Remake - HassheHasshe Middle Ages Chapter only
Live A Live Remake - UranusUranus Middle Ages Chapter only

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Middle Ages Walkthrough

Lucrece Castle

1 Gain control of Oersted. As for the opening of this chapter, there will be a duel against Armstrong. You can use Valorous Slash skill until you defeat the enemy.
2 After the scene, you also need to fight against Streibough for the final match, you can use Valorous Slash until the match is over.
3 A scene will play as the King announced you as the winner and you take the hand of Princess Alethea. Another scene will play as there is an event with the Princess, shortly after that an enemy will appear.
4 You will be in a battle against a demon, you can use Valorous Slash to defeat it. After the battle, a scene will show that the Princess was captured by a winged demon.

Inside Lucrece Castle – Castle Town

1 Oersted reported back to the King regarding what happened outside of the castle with Princess Alethea. The Demons are back again and Oersted will be going to save the princess and to defeat the evil for the peace of kingdom.
2 After that scene, you can freely roam around and talk with the people inside the castle as you exit. You can continue the path downwards to leave the castle.
3 As you reached outside the castle gates, you will be greeted by the townspeople. Talk to the villagers and you will get some items that you can use on your journey.
4 There will be 2 lines and on the right side, talk to the 2nd guy in line to get a (Defender sword x1).You can use that as a Glove equipment. Next to the guy on the same line will give you a (Gifted Clothes x1). This is a accessory and you can get it multiple times by talking to him repeatedly.
5 On the same line, there will be someone who will give you a (Balmgrass x1).
6 Continue your way downwards and follow the path on the south. A scene will play as you exit the gates, Streibough will join you on your journey.

Hero’s Rest – Fugalia Village – Mountain of Hero’s Lodge

1 Follow the path to reach the a village and listen to the story of an old man at the waterside. You can also spot some (Healing Grass x5) on the south area.
2 Enter the old man’s house and examine the shield displayed on the wall of the ledge.
3 After checking the house, leave the village and head northwest to the Hero Mountain.
4 Follow the path and head upwards to locate a lodge near the top/summit. Once you’ve reached the hut, go inside.
5 Talk to the man in the lodge, enter the lodge and examine the shield on the wall. Again, head back to the old man’s house.

Hero’s Rest – Fugalia Village

1 Return to the village of Famio and examine the shield on the wall of the old man’s house for an event.
2 Enter the old man’s house again and a scene will play as the old man introduces himself.
3 Investigate the wall again to get (Hero Shield x1). Shortly after, Uranus will join you on your journey and has become a party member.

Hero’s Rests – Hero’s Summit (Top of Mountain)

1 Return back to the lodge near the top of the mountain.
2 Once you’ve reached the hut, go inside and another scene will play as Uranus long companion has appeared.
3 After the scene, Hasshe will join you on your journey and you will also get (Hero Shield x1).
4 Go out of the cabin and continue the way up to the top of the mountain to trigger a scene where Hasshe will declare that he will defeat the evil again. You will get (Brion Sword x1).

Hero’s Rests – Hallowed Wood – The Archon’s Roost

1 Leave the top and head your way to the south to exit the Hero’s Mountain, you may encounter some enemies again as you travel and you can defeat them to gain some level points.
2 You can always check the map if you ever feel lost, press – button to view the Lucrece Map. You need to reach the The Archon’s Roost to get some (Joshua Tree Seed x2) at the southwest area.
3 Continue your way to the west side of the area to find the entrance to the demon king, a scene will play as Hasshe opens the pathway inside.
4 As you explore inside the cave, you will also encounter some enemies on your way up. You can choose to run away or fight them to gain level points and some items.

Inside Demon Mountain

1 There are multiple floors in the demon mountain before you reach the Lord of the Dark. There are also some items available in the cave but it is suggested that you take those later for the final chapter as you may needed it more later.
2 You can go up ahead using the stairs inside the cave, head further inside until you reach the deeper part of the Demon Mountain which is at the 7th floor.
3 Enter the big door and you will see a room full of statues. Head inside the door to reveal the Lord of the Dark. A scene will play as you meet this boss.

Boss Battle: The Lord of the Dark

1 It is important to have the best equipment on your main damage dealers, give them a good weapon and armors before entering the 2nd door and starting the boss battle.
2 The Lord of the Dark is known to deal huge damages to all units that are surrounding him, so make sure to keep all the party members in a distance.
3 You can deal damage by using Oersted and Hasshe, you can have Uranus on the back to focus on healing and Streibough on the side for an extra support.
4 After defeating the boss, an event scene will play about the true enemy and Hasshe will give a message to Uranus.

Returning to Lucrece Castle – Fugalia Village

1 Another scene will play as the Demon Mountain starts to crumble, exit on the south door and a scene will play that shows Streibough being left behind to his death.
2 You need to leave the Demon Mountain and return to the Lucrece Castle with Uranus to report back to the king.
3 After reaching the King, an event scene will play and you need to go to the room at the west side. Interact with the bed to sleep.
4 Another scene will play as night time falls, you need to get out of the room after hearing a sound of the door.
5 Head into the Throne Room, you’ll spot the Lord of the Dark sitting there. Interact with it and another battle will begin.
6 As you defeat the Lord of the Dark easily, a scene will play as the soldiers rushed in the throne room. Uranus will be there to help you out leave the castle.
7 Just head towards south to exit the Lucrece Castle. You need to head back to Fugalia Village, enter one of the houses to trigger a cutscene where the villagers will be rude and mean to Oersted.
8 After the scene, you can go ahead and return to Lucrece Castle. You will be captured and locked up inside the dungeons.
9 Uranus is also at the left side, walk up on that side and interact with Uranus for a mission that you need to accomplish.

Returning to The Archon’s Roost

1 You need to leave the Lucrece Castle and return back to the Demon Mountain to search for the true evil enemy.
2 As you head inside the cave, be cautious as there are much stronger enemies and battles that you need to prepare for. Be sure to give the best equipment for Oersted and equip the Brion Sword as well.
3 On the 1st floor, a boss will appear and it is Claustrophobia. You can use Wind attacks or the Wave Slash as this skill will be very effective and you can deal massive damage making this battle end quickly.
4 As you have reached the 3rd floor, another boss will appear which is Scotophobia. You can use your Slash attacks, it is important to get in close and to time your attacks.
5 On the 5th floor, you will encounter another boss which is Acrophobia and Acrothrall. You just simply need to reposition because you are surrounded by a group of enemies, and you need to focus your attack on the small enemy at the corner.
6 Lastly on the 7th floor, you will encounter Hygrophobia. This boss is quite strong so you need to be careful and keep a distance from it. You can use your skill Dragon Soul or Windbite to deal a good amount of damage and you can also use some of your healing items if needed.
7 After that battle, head towards the Lord of Dark lair where you meet it previously. An event scene will play as it will reveal who is Oersted’s true evil enemy.

Final Boss Battle: Streibough

Coming Soon!

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