Live A Live Remake - How to Recruit O-Robo

A guide on how to recruit O-Robo in the Twilight of Edo chapter (Oboromaru story scenario) of Live A Live Remake (Live A Live 2022 HD-2D Remaster). Included are conditions to unlock O-Robo as an optional party member, required items, and other useful tips.

Live A Live Remake - How to Recruit O-Robo

How to Recruit O-Robo in Live A Live Remake

Live A Live Remake - Twilight of Edo Chapter

O-Robo is an optional recruitable character during the Twilight of Edo Chapter (Oboromaru’s story scenario) in Live A Live Remake (Live A Live 2022 HD-2D Remaster). Unlocking O-Robo is recommended if you want to obtain the Muramsa and Suiijin Scale, both powerful equipment for Oboromaru which are acquired by defeating two incredibly challenging secret bosses in the episode.

Conditions to Recruit O-Robo

Live A Live Remake - Twilight of Edo

Get Koban x4

Recruiting O-Robo requires you to have at least 4 Koban which can be found throughout the chapter. Below is a list of where to find Koban in Ode Lou’s fortress.

Area Location
Second Building Entrance Before approaching the door guarded by the two Manservants, you can head to the left to find an Echizen Merchant hiding along the side of the building. You can choose to take him out by replying with “I will not be fooled!” when talking to him. Do so and he will drop Koban x1 upon defeat.
Attic (Second Building) Watch cutscene introducing Papa Rat and Little Rat. Then,  explore the attic open the three chests around the area to get Koban x1. There are also Suijin Tab x1 and Slice of Castella Cake x1 around the area.
Attic (Tower) This area is attic you can reach by moving through the rooftops and climbing the ladder going to the tower (where you fight Go-Nin-Ja). After defeating the boss, open the chest to get Genji Glove x1 and Koban x1.
Storehouse You need the Storehouse Key to go inside this building. From where you fought Go-Nin-Ja, exit to the rooftop path again and follow it to another attic. Avoid the trap door in the middle where a rat will fall in. Exit the attic and follow the rooftop path again until you reach yet another attic. Check one of the chests for the Storehouse Key.

To reach the  storehouse where the Koban is, head back to the second building. You must  exit through the large door to the north (instead of climbing out the attic where you met Papa Rat and Little Rat that leads to the rooftop path). Afterwards, Follow the straight path going right until you reach the storehouse at the end. Use the Storehouse Key go inside.

Get the Mainspring (Key Item)

The next item you will need to recruit O-Robo is the Mainspring which is obtained by defeating Puppetmaster Gennai in the dungeon building. Once you arrive at the team room from the attiic, save your game first as Gennai may not actually drop the Mainspring when you defeat him.

Defeat the Electrodes first before taking down Gennai.

After saving, keep talking to Gennai by the door to the north of the tea room until he comes out to trigger the boss fight (tell him you do not trust him when he invites you to sit down). To get the Mainspring from Gennai, you must first defeat the 6 Electrodes accompanying him before attacking Gennai himself. You must also only use techniques to defeat the Electrodes or else the Mainspring may not drop from Gennai (you cannot use attack items).

Once the Electrodes are dealt with, focus on Gennai. Upon being defeated, Gennai should drop the Mainspring you need to recruit O-Robo. If you did not get the Mainspring, reload your save file and take down Gennai again using the methods described above.

Transform the tea room by inserting Koban in the slot of the room where Gennai was hiding.

Head into the room where Gennai was hiding and approach the slot in the corner. Insert 3 Koban and the tea room should have changed. Return to the tea room to find O-Robo’s body and insert the Mainspring. This will cause O-Robo to take on Oboromaru’s appearance and attack him.

Live A Live Remake - Recruiting O-Robo

Defeat O-Robo and return to the room where you inserted the 3 Koban. Be sure to avoid standing in the center as this will trigger a trap that will destroy O-Robo. Then, approach the slot without stepping on the blue pillow (which triggers another trap) and insert 1 Koban. This will revert the team room back to its original state, allowing you to escape the area with O-Robo in your party.

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