Live A Live Remake - Final Chapter: The Dominion of Hate Walkthrough


Walkthrough and guide for Final Chapter: The Dominion of Hate in Live A Live Remake (Live A Live 2022 HD-2D Remaster), including a list of obtainable items and battle strategies. Live A Live Remake (2022) was released last July 22, 2022, and April 27, 2023, and is now playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

Live A Live Remake - Final Chapter: The Dominion of Hate Walkthrough and Guide

Walkthrough and Guide for Final Chapter: The Dominion of Hate in Live A Live Remake

The Dominion of Hate is the culminating last chapter and story episode in Live A Live Remake (Live A Live 2022 HD-2D Remaster).

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Trophies and Achievements

Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Gold TrophyBelieve in Me Embrace vengeance in the Dominion of Hate chapter.
PlayStation 4 - Silver TrophyA Clean Slate Use the Armageddon ability in the Dominion of Hate chapter.
PlayStation 4 - Silver TrophyLet They Without Sin Grant the fallen hero’s wish after defeating the Purity of Odio in the Dominion of Hate chapter.
PlayStation 4 - Silver TrophyAn Incomplete Destiny Complete the Dominion of Hate chapter without befriending all potential allies.
PlayStation 4 - Gold TrophyUnited in Defiance of Hate Defeat the Sin of Odio after befriending all potential allies in the Dominion of Hate chapter.
PlayStation 4 - Gold TrophyThe True Design Play the Dominion of Hate chapter

Live a Live Remake Trophy and Achievement List


Character Availability
Live A Live Remake - Pogo Character SpritePogo Dominion of Hate Chapter only
Live A Live Remake - Yun Jou Character SpriteYun Jou Dominion of Hate Chapter only (only one of them will appear depending on who inherited the Earthen Heart Shifu’s teachings).
Live A Live Remake - Lei Kugo Character SpriteLei Kugo
Live A Live Remake - Hong Hakka Character SpriteHong Hakka
Live A Live Remake - Oboromaru Character SpriteOboromaru Dominion of Hate Chapter only
Live A Live Remake - Sundown Kid Character SpriteSundown Kid Dominion of Hate Chapter only
Live A Live Remake - Masaru Character SpriteMasaru Dominion of Hate Chapter only
Live A Live Remake - Akira Character SpriteAkira Dominion of Hate Chapter only
Live A Live Remake - Cube Character SpriteCube Dominion of Hate Chapter only
Live A Live Remake - Oersted Character SpriteOersted Dominion of Hate Chapter only

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Dominion of Hate Walkthrough


1 At the start of the final chapter, choose your main character. Note that you will still be able to recruit the other characters by going to various locations in this episode.
Live A Live Remake All Character Locations (Dominion of Hate)
2 Watch the cutscene.
3 You will start at a specific location depending on which character you chose as your main one. To the northwest are the mountains. Familia is to the southwest, while the Archon’s Roost is to the southeast. Between Familia and Archon’s Roost is the Glen.
4 All the way north is Lucretia Town and further north is Lucretia Castle.
5 At this point, it is recommended to try and recruit the characters you want to have in your party. Note that you can only have up to 4 party members at a time that you can freely switch out. Be sure to grab the Brion by the gravestone to north of the mountain area (where you can recruit the Earthen Heart Shifu’s successor). You will need this to enter the Archon’s Roost later. You can also grab an unlimited amount of Naori Grass where you find Pogo in the Glen. To replenish the item in the area, just exit and re-enter.
6 Lucretia Castle has some useful items and equipment you can pick up if you did not take them during the Middle Ages chapter. From the first level of the castle, head east to the Treasure Room to get Slice of Castella Cake, Giant Meaty Bone, Unicorn Horn x2, Potion No. 9, Peach Bun, Silver Holy Robe x2, Genji Armor, Geni Gloves, Genji Tabi, Genji Helmet, Nightmare Helmet, Axian Sword, Marvella Swor, Amethyst Shield x3, Izanagi Scroll x2, and Gatsun Glove.
7 Continue gathering items from the Prison just across the hall to the west (you can get Defender here). Then, climb up the stairs to the second level.
8 Head north to the throne room. From here, you can go west to the first bedroom or east to second one to get more items.
9 From here, it is recommended to clear the various Trial mini dungeons to obtain each character’s strongest weapon. Many optional bosses are also found throughout these areas that drop Cosmic gear upon defeat which will be useful against the game’s final boss.
Live A Live Remake How to Get Cosmic Equipment

Trial of Instinct

Live A Live Remake Trial of Instinct Guide

Trial of Keys

Live A Live Remake Trial of Keys Guide

Trial of Skill

Coming Soon!

Trial of Time

Live A Live Remake Trial of Time Guide

Trial of Power

Live A Live Remake Trial of Power Guide

Trial of Heart

Live A Live Remake Trial of Heart Guide

Trial of Wisdom

Coming Soon!

Archon’s Roost

1 When you are ready, head southeast from the Condemned Village to Archon’s Roost.
2 Upon entering the cave, you will reach a large hall. Move forward until the path branches three ways. Take the middle path and follow it going right and down some steps. Feel free to grind some levels by taking out the enemies here if you want.
3 Keep going right and then north to reach a door leading to the next area.
4 The next area is just a room connecting to to the next area so go north through the door.
5 The next area is another large hall. Go up the stairs through the arch.
6 Then, head right and go north to the next door to get Izanagi Scroll.
7 Head back through the door to return to the hall. Then, head left and enter the room with the large door. Inside is a Golden Topknot.
8 Head back to the hall again and go left. Move up the stairs and through another arch. From there, go down the stairs to the left.
9 Continue going left and up another set of stairs. Then, enter the door.
10 The next room is just another passage area that connects to the next room so go through the door directly ahead.
11 You will reach another large hall (the one leading to the final boss). First, go left and enter the door to the north (to the right of the stairs). You can pick up a Golden Burial Gown inside this room.
12 Return to large hall and then go left again. Move up the stairs and into the door.
13 In this room are three chests containing Eye of Argos, Fertility Charm, No. 9 Potion.
14 Head back to  large hall area again and go all the way to the right. Go up the stairs and enter the door.
15 The next area is just a short corridor so head to the exit to the left.
16 You will be back at the large hall. Simply follow the path down the slope going to the left and you will see a large door in the middle.
17 Enter the door and you will be in a room full of statues. Head up the stairs directly north past them and enter another large door.

Archon’s Roost – Hate’s Promise

1 Approach the statue in front of you and examine it.
2 Head into the opened path under the statue.
3 Follow the straight path through the cave. Save here if you want as the exit north leads to the final boss.

Archon’s Roost – Hate’s Triumph

1 Approach the large statue at the end of the path and examine it.
2 Afterwards, head back to the exit for a cutscene. Before speaking to Odio, it is recommended to equip your party with Unicorn Horn to nullify status effects that the boss will constantly inflict during the fight.
3 When you are ready, approach Odio and talk to him to begin the final boss fight.
4 Your first battle is against Eyes of Odio, Brow of Odio, and Maw of Odio.
5 Your first objective is to take out Maw of Odio as it will constantly buff its eyes and brow, allowing them to counterattack.

Once you have taken down the maw, focus on taking down the eyes. Try to move your allies next to the left eye while staying out of range of the right one. Finally, avoid standing on the lightning tiles as much as possible (if the character is knocked out on the tile, they will get killed by the lightning).

6 Odio will then transform into Pure Odio, beginning the second phase of the fight. In this form, Odio is extremely vulnerable to status effects so try to poison him to whittle down his massive HP each turn.

Having the Parasite Sword is also recommended for this fight. You can use it as an item to deal around 500 damage to Pure Odio, though the user will be inflicted with a debuff. In generally, you want to have a healer character that can remove the debuff if you want to use the Parasite Sword to burst down Pure Odio. Otherwise, just have all party members wail on the boss using their strongest techniques.

Try to have all party members bunch up to allow you to use area-wide heals after Pure Odio uses Denial.

7 After defeating Pure Odio, you must decide to either finish him off or spare him. Choosing the former will result in the game’s bad ending. Choosing the latter, meanwhile, will get you the good ending and an additional final battle if you recruited all playable characters in this chapter.
8 Once you choose to spare Pure Odio, you can head back to the room with the seven statues you passed through on the way to the final boss area. Do so and you will need to defeat all chapter bosses using one character from the corresponding chapter. Note that you should not have any problems taking them down at this point.
 9 Once you have cleared the chapter boss rematches, you will then begin the true final boss fight against Sin Odio.
10 For the first phase of the fight, focus on taking out each arm which both deal massive amounts of damage when they attack. Try avoid using techniques that have long charge times. Since this is the game’s last battle, do not hesitate to use No. 9 Potion or any wide-area healing item to keep your party’s HP up. Avoid having characters in the center of the screen (immediately in front of Sin Odio) for too long as he will use Hate Wave to damage a 7×3 area in front of him.
11 Once Sin Idio’s HP drops significantly, he will use Pressure of Curse which renders your active party incapacitated and triggers a battle with him using three characters that you did not include in your active party. Pummel him with quick and powerful attacks during the fight.
12 Sin Odio’s final phase requires you to use all playable characters (incapacitated characters from your main party will be revived to full health) so just wail on him with your strongest techniques.
13 Sin Odio will eventually use a second Pressure of Curse on the party which will leave all but Oersted usable during the fight. Keep attacking Sin Odio and he should go down eventually.
14 Watch the new true ending.
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