Live A Live Remake - Characters

A list of all Characters in Live A Live Remake (Live A Live 2022 HD-2D Remaster) for Nintendo Switch, including their name, background, voice actors, and character guides.

Live A Live Remake - Characters List

All Characters for Live A Live

Below is a list of all Characters in Live A Live, including their name, information, and their voice actors/actresses. It also includes the individual character guides to learn more on each playable character and possible game stories.

List of Voice Actors

Please note that this page is currently being updated, more information will be added once the game is available.

Prehistory: The First

Name Background Voice Actor
Live A Live Remake Pogo IconPogo A boy who lives with his partner Gori. He decides to fight the Kuu tribe who pursues Beru and in order to help her. Megumi Ogata (JP)
Live A Live Remake - GoriGori Pogo’s good companion who grew up like a brother from an early age. He sometimes gets angry at Pogo because he doesn’t read the air. Hiroki Yasumoto (JP)
Live A Live Remake - BelBeru A girl of a different tribe “Ku” who escaped to the village of Pogo. She escapes where she was about to be sacrificed due to tribal customs. She meets Pogo and later joined him. Natsumi Takamori (JP)
Zaki Zaki is a member of the Ku Tribe. He leads and chases his troops to recapture the sacrificial “Beru”. He is a sick man who scoops up his long hair every time. Ryou Horikawa (JP)

Prehistory Character List

Imperial China: The Successor

Name Background Voice Actor
Live A Live Remake Shifu IconThe Earthen Heart Shifu An old man who lives in the mountains of China is known to be The Xin Shan Quan Master. Realizing his old age, he decides to go down the mountain to find his successor. He raises his disciples rigorously and sometimes gently. Hiroya Ishimaru (JP)
Qiang Wu (EN)
Live A Live Remake - Lei KugoLei Kugo Lei is one of the Shifu’s dojo possible successors. She represents the martial arts of the skill or spirit. Reina Ueda (JP)
Alex Mai (EN)
Live A Live Remake - Yun JouYun Jou Yun is one of the Shifu’s dojo possible successors. He represents the martial arts of the heart or mind. Hiro Shimono (JP)
Suzie Yang (EN)
Live A Live Remake - Hong HakkaHong Hakka Hong is one of the Shifu’s dojo possible successors. He represents the martial arts of the body. Yuu Mizushima (JP)
Eric Yang (EN)

Imperial China Character List

Twilight of Edo Japan: The Infiltrator

Name Background Voice Actor
Live A Live Oboromaru IconOboromaru The ninja of the Flame Ninja Army, who works quietly for training and is expected to be the best in the prospect, although it is a rough cut. He receives a secret order to rescue the captive man and infiltrates the residence of King Ode alone. Tomohisa Hashizume (JP)
Stephen Fu (EN)
Live A Live Remake Character Icon The PrisonerThe Prisoner A swordfighter who handles the Hokushin Ittou style, trapped in the dungeon of Ode Castle. Hochu Otsuka (JP)
Martin Sarreal (EN)
Live A Live Remake Character Icon King OdeKing Ode A king with absolute self-confidence. Believing that his power is the ruler of the book of the day, he gives off an overflowing fighting spirit. Norio Wakamoto (JP)
Jason Yang (EN)
O-Robo O-Robo is a robot designed by Clockwork Gennai. He is also an optional party member. ??? (JP)

Twilight of Edo Japan Character List

The Wild West: The Wanderer

Name Background Voice Actor
sg-icon Live A Live Sundown Sundown Kid A bounty wandering in the wilderness. After visiting Success’s Town, Sundown is expected to have a gun arm by the townspeople and is asked to repel the lawless group called “Crazy Bunch” that threatens the town. Akio Otsuka (JP)
Reagan Murdock (EN)
Live A Live Remake - Mad DogMad Dog Mad Dog is a bounty hunter and is known to be the rival of Sundown Kid. Toshio Furukawa (JP)
Mike Romo (EN)
Annie The younger sister of the tavern master. She has the courage to speak back to the rough man. To protect her town, she asks the Sundown to overthrow the “Crazy Bunch”. Miyuki Sawashiro (JP)
Brittany Lauda (EN)

The Wild West Character List

Present Day: The Strongest

Name Background Voice Actor
Live A Live Remake Masaru IconMasaru Takahara A fighter who trains himself every day with a goal of becoming the “strongest in the world”. To stand at the top of the world, he embarks on a journey to learn secret and by fighting against different fierce men from other schools. Tomokazu Seki (JP)
Gil Macanas (EN)
Namkiat A young warrior who stands at the top of Muay Thai with the sharpness hidden in the natural suppleness as a weapon. Hiro Shimono (JP)
James Phoon (EN)
The Great Aja Lucha Libre’s legendary heel. He is a Japanese wrestler who mastered the technique of the legend “El Rudo”. Koichi Sakaguchi (JP)
Stephen Fu (EN)
Tula Han A man who is working on a research about murder techniques with bare hands in a special forces of superpower. Yoshitaka Otsuka (JP)
Nicholas Corda (EN)
Seishi Moribe A folklore of the handless murder technique that has been passed down since the ancient times in Japan. Akimoto Yosuke (JP)
Mark Ota (EN)
Max Morgan The man of the “Ichiban” in the American world. He is also famous Hollywood star and an American wrestler.  Hiroki Yasumoto (JP)
Dustin Rubin (EN)
Jackie Iaukea He is a sumo wrestler from Hawaii, he is known to be the strongest in martial arts. Sugita Tomokazu (JP)
Brent Mukai (EN)

The Present Day Character List

The Near Future: The Outsider

Name Background Voice Actor
sg-icon Live A Live Akira Akira Tadokoro  A boy with supernatural powers who can read the other person’s heart and move things without touching them. He learns the truth about the frequent kidnappings in the town and gets involved in the case with Lawless and Taroimo. Kenji Akabane (JP)
David Cui Cui (EN)
Live A Live Remake - Lawless MatsuLawless “Date a man with an indomitable soul.” There is no word impossible in Lawless’ dictionary. He’s existence for Akira is like a big brother. He usually runs a taiyaki shop in the park. Hideo Ishikawa (JP)
Andrew Lee (EN)
Live A Live Remake - TaroimoTaroimo A fluid android revived by Fujibei’s science and technology. The red-eared slider Tarokichi, whom Kaori loved, was saved by Fujibei when he was dying. Nobuo (JP)
Tim Faulkner (EN)
Fujibei A genius scientist who runs an antique shop. He studied high-tech techniques in Tsukuba and is familiar with ancient wisdom. He is conducting research to revive the Tin King. Cho (JP)
Dai Tabuchi (EN)

The Near Future Character List

The Distant Future: The Mechanical Heart

Name Background Voice Actor
Live A Live Remake Cube IconCube A robot made by engineer Kato in a spaceship returning to Earth. Equipped with a function to learn human language, it will learn the role of the ship. Himself
Live A Live Remake Character Icon KatoYoshiyuki Kato An engineer of the transport ship Cogito Ergo Sum. He teaches his knowledge to the robot “Cube” he made. Akira Ishida (JP)
James Bradwell (EN)
Live A Live Remake Character Icon HueyHuey Trumbull The assistant to the captain in charge in the Cogito Ergo Sum. He likes stories that are soft and adventurous. Nozomu Sasaki (JP)
Shash Hira (EN)
Live A Live Remake Character Icon RachelRachel Klein The communications engineer in the Cogito Ergo Sum. Yuko Kaida (JP)
Penelope Rawlins (EN)
Kirk Wells The navigator in the Cogito Ergo Sum. He has a bold personality and he is currently in love with Rachel. Kazuhiko Inoue (JP)
Brent Mukai (EN)
Corporal Darthe A Space Force soldier, he is boarding in the ship along with Kato. He strongly rejects Cube, because he has a bad impressions of the robot. Naoya Uchida (JP)
Barnaby Edwards (EN)
Captain Square He is the main character in the retro mini-game in this scenario. Cube gets to play a video game called “Captain Square”. This character travels to many planets in the Solar system to fight all kinds of enemies in the space. Tomokazu Sugita (JP)
David Matranga (EN)

The Distant Future Character List

The Middle Ages: The Lord of Dark

Name Background Voice Actor
Live A Live Remake Oersted IconOersted A strong warrior who won the fighting tournament of Lucretia Castle. He is good at various attack techniques that make use of his sword. He travels to Mt. Devil as a new hero to save the kidnapped Princess Alicia. Yuichi Nakamura (JP)
Dario Coates (EN)
Live A Live Remake - StreiboughStreibough A mage who is also a close friend and a rival of Oersted. Shizuma Hodoshima (JP)
Nicholas Corda (EN)
Live A Live Remake - UranusUranus A gentle monk who once defeated the Demon King with Hasshe. Mugihito (JP)
Andres Williams (EN)
Live A Live Remake - HassheHasshe A hero who sealed the Demon King in the past and became a legend. For some reason, he hates humans and no one knows his whereabouts. He was Uranus’ ally before when they fought the Demon King. Takayuki Sugou (JP)
Andrew James Spooner (EN)

The Middle Ages Character List

Finale: Final Chapter

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