Live A Live Remake - Oboromaru Character Guide

A character guide about Oboromaru in Live A Live Remake (Live A Live 2022 HD-2D Remaster) for Nintendo Switch. This guide will talk about the overview, information, stats and skills.

Live A Live Remake - Akira Character Guide

Akira Character Guide for Live A Live Remake

Please note that some details are from Japanese sources and this page is currently being updated, more information will be added once the game is available.

Character Overview

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The ninja of the Flame Ninja Army, who works quietly for training and is expected to be the best in the prospect, although it is a rough cut. He receives a secret order to rescue the captive man and infiltrates the residence of King Ode alone.

Oboromaru is voiced by Tomohisa Hashizume (JP).

Character Information

Occupation Live A Live Remake - OboromaruNinja
Abilities Shadowed Self
Ninja Speed
Weapon Ninja Swords
Affiliation Enma Ninja Clan
Race & Gender Human | Male
Designer Gosho Aoyama


Level HP Power
? 120 22
Speed Vitality IQ
28 12 15


  • Shadow Slash
  • Fireflies’ Wake
  • Cross-Flare

Recommended Equipment

Coming Soon!

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