Live A Live Remake - Shifu Character Guide

A character guide about Shifu in Live A Live Remake (Live A Live 2022 HD-2D Remaster) for Nintendo Switch. This guide will talk about the overview, information, stats and skills.

Live A Live Remake - Shifu Character Guide

Shifu / Roshi Character Guide for Live A Live Remake

Character Overview

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An old man who lives in the mountains of China and is the known to be The Xin Shan Quan Master. Realizing his of old age, he decides to go down the mountain to find his successor. He raises his disciples rigorously and sometimes gently.

Shifu is voiced by Hiroya Ishimaru (JP) and Qiang Wu (EN).

Character Information

Occupation Live A Live Remake - Heart of the Mountain ShifuKung Fu Master
Abilities None
Weapon Daily Necessities, Gloves
Affiliation Earthen Heart Kung Fu
Race & Gender Human | Male
Designer Yoshihide Fujiwara


Level HP Power
? ? ?
Speed Vitality IQ
? ? ?


  • Tiger and Dragon’s Rebuke
  • Traveler’s First Step
  • Lion’s Dismissal
  • Monkey’s Withdrawal
  • Chipmunk’s Delight
  • Wise Fox’s Grace
  • Unseen Bow’s Arrow

Recommended Equipment

Coming Soon!

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