Metroid Dread - How to Get Pulse Radar

An overview of Pulse Radar for Samus in Metroid Dread. Included are some basic information on the skills, description, effects, where to get, and many more.

Metroid Dread - How to Get Pulse Radar

Pulse Radar Overview

Here’s an overview on Pulse Radar for Samus, an aeion ability for her available in Metroid Dread. You can learn more about this aeion abiulity, on how to get, effects, and details on it.

Pulse Radar

Name Description

Pulse Radar
AnAeion ability that allows Samus to scan her surroundings for hidden blocks using a special sound wave.

Where to Get

This aeion ability skill for Samus can be unlocked in Ghavoran.

How to Use

With full Aeion, hold right arrow button to activate.

Flash Shift Strategies

Keep in mind the Aeion usage

With full Aeion gauge, using this ability consumes the full Aeion you have.

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