Metroid Dread - Spin Boost Misc. Upgrade

An overview of Spin Jump Misc. Upgrade for Samus in Metroid Dread. Included are some basic information on the skills, description, effects, where to get, and many more.

Metroid Dread - Spin Boost Misc. Upgrade

Spin Boost Misc. Upgrade Overview

Here’s an overview on Spin Boost for Samus, a miscellaneous upgrade for her available in Metroid Dread. You can learn more about this misc. upgrade, on how to get, effects, and details on it.

Spin Boost Misc. Upgrade

Name Description

Spin Boost

Allows Samus to jump once more during a Spin Jump.

Where to Get

This misc. upgrade skill for Samus is located and can be unlocked in Ferenia.

How to Use

Press B button at the right time during a Spin Jump.

Spin Boost Strategies

Use with Gravity Suit

When used underwater, Samus cannot gain more height over the first jump without the Gravity Suit.

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