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Character information for Ango, a character in Persona 5 Scramble / P5S. Included are his background and role in the game.

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Ango Natsume

Persona 5 Scramble - Ango Natsume King Name: Nightmare Dragon Ango
Domain: Sendai Jail
Occupation: Author


Ango is an author from Sendai whose latest novel titled “The Nightmare Prince” has become extremely popular all throughout the city. Ango enjoys the success of his career despite having plagiarized various works in writing his book. He is actually one of the Kings presiding over the Sendai Jail.

Boss Battle (Sendai Jail)

Persona 5 Scramble - Nightmare Dragon Ango

Ango is fought as Nightmare Dragon Ango in Sendai Jail. His combat style consists of performing various area-of-effect attacks, fire projectiles, and wide-sweeping physical strikes. He is quite slow and is weak to ice, bless, and curse attacks.

Nightmare Dragon Ango Jail King Boss Guide

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