Persona 5 Strikers - How to Find Trade-In Items

A guide on where to find Trade-in items in Persona 5 Strikers (P5S), including ways to get them and their uses.

Persona 5 Strikers - How to Find Trade-In Items

Persona 5 Strikers Trade-In Items Guide

Level up your Bond Skill

Trade-in items appear in Jail infiltrations but there is a way to force them to appear more frequently. Learn the Bond Skill “Part Connoisseur” to receive a minimum boost in finding trade-in items. Reach the max level of the Bond skill to get the best effect.

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Infiltrate the Jail

After you have maxed out the Bond Skill, head to the designated Jail. Trade-in items vary across jails, so be sure to visit the correct one.

Jail Guides

Locate the Trade-in items

Once inside, search the area to find the Trade-in items. They appear as floating cube-like objects.

How to use them

On its own, trade-in items have no use in combat. However, you can sell them to shops to earn some money. Another way to put them to good use is to deliver them through requests.

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List of requests

Among the requests, there is a group of delivery-type ones that require you to gather Trade-in items from a particular Jail. After making the delivery, you can receive rewards like Armor or raise the level cap of some Bond skills. Unlike other requests, the Junk collection quests can be done more than once to earn some money.

Ichinose Junk Collection Request Location Trade-in Item
1 Sendai Jail Suspicious Chip Fragment x15
2 Sendai Jail Strange Circuit Fragment x12
3 Sapporo Jail Strange Foundation Fragment x12
4 Okinawa Jail Mysterious Disc Shard x12
5 Kyoto Jail Suspicious Character String Data x9
6 Osaka Jail Ambiguous List File x9
7 Osaka Jail Bizarre Report x12
8 Abyss Jail Mysterious Document x15
9 ? Unnatural Sample x15

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Trophy How to Unlock
Item Sweeper
Find 200 items in the Jail

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