Persona 5 Scramble / P5S - Kuon Ichinose Boss Guide

A boss guide on Kuon Ichinose in Persona 5 Scramble. Included are the boss' stats, recommended party, personas, equipment, strategy, and rewards.

Persona 5 Scramble - Kuon Boss Guide

Kuon Ichinose


Weaknesses Bless
Resistances Gun
Obtainable Items

Recommended Party

Name Notes
Sophia Sophia excels in Bless skills which she can take advantage of during the boss fight. The skills can also help tremendously in removing mobs as fast as possible.
Wolf While his Gun skills aren’t effective, he can serve to buff or focus on melee attacks.

Recommended Personas for Joker

Name Notes

Recommended Equipment

Name Notes


The party has to take on Hecatoncheir. Prepare some recovery items in advance since these can be useful when you’re halfway through with the boss fight. Adjust Sophia’s direction properly so that the area of effect reaches as many mobs as possible. After fine tuning your position, have Sophia face the boss and use a Bless skill to dish out some good damage while the other characters keep the boss busy.

After whittling the boss down, perform an All Out Attack to bring it over by roughly a quarter of health. Don’t forget to use a recovery item such as those that replenish 30 HP for yourself and an ally or two. Unless the boss is distracted, circle around it and stick to its side before using a Bless skill to be on the safe side. Bring it down to less than half to gain access to another All Out Attack. The combined moves should be enough to bring Hecatoncheir down its knees which gives you an opportunity to finish it off with a combo or two.

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