Persona 5 Strikers - Money Farming Guide

A guide on how to farm money in Persona 5 Strikers (P5S). Also included are tips on how to find Treasure Demons and best skills to get for farming money fast while going through the game's main story.

Persona 5 Strikers - Money Farming Guide

Persona 5 Strikers Money Farming Guide

Hunt for Trade-in Items

In Persona 5 Strikers, you will occasionally find trade-in items during missions. These items have no particular use other than for selling them off at high prices. It is one of the ways to farm money while going through the main story.

Jail Walkthroughs

Look for trade-in items in Jails.

Persona 5 Strikers - Money Farming Guide

Trade-in items can be found in the various Jails that you will infiltrate during the main story. Look out for floating cube-like objects while exploring them as there is a chance that the item inside is a trade-in item.

Trade-in Item Locations

Defeat Treasure Demons

Treasure Demons from Persona 5 also appear in Persona 5 Strikers. These creatures drop valuable items such as skills cards, incense, and trade-in items when defeated. As with Persona 5, Treasure Demons move about quickly so try to catch and defeat them as fast as possible.

You can improve your chances of encountering Treasure Demons by unlocking the Band skill Jewel Hunter. Raise the skill’s level to make Treasure Demons appear more frequently before clearing the Jail.

Tips on Saving Money

Acquire Band skill Shopping Expert

Persona 5 Strikers - Money Farming Guide

One of the skills that you can unlock in Band is Shopping Expert. This allows more products to go on-sale in Sophia’s Shop. Take advantage of them to save money when buying items you need during battle.

Recommended Band Skills

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