Persona 5 Strikers - Knocking on Death’s Door Request Walkthrough

A guide on how to clear Knocking on Death's Door request side mission in Persona 5 Strikers (P5S). Included are the side quest's availability, how to unlock, location, enemies, boss guide, rewards, and strategy to clear it.

Persona 5 Strikers - Knocking on Death's Door Request Walkthrough

Knocking on Death’s Door Request Walkthrough

Persona 5 Strikers - Okinawa Jail Strong Shadow Reaper


Availability 8/30 (Post-game)
Location Okinawa Jail
Objective Defeat the Reaper
  • First clear: Paradise Lost S
  • Chewing Soul


Persona 5 Strikers - Okinawa Jail Strong Shadow Reaper Secret Boss Use Gun Attacks

This request can only be accessed by clearing all Painful Past+ requests (post-game). It is recommended to take on Reaper with a party at Level 75 or higher.

Reaper Guide

The Reaper does not have any weaknesses or resistances against any particular damage type, though Physical and Gun attacks may deal critical damage to it. A party consisting of Joker, Skull, Fox, and Wolf should do well against it.

Joker with Arsene (and any strong Personas obtained through fusion) has access to good Physical and Gun skills as well as various buffs, debuffs, and healing abilities. You should constantly switch between attacking the enemy and casting utility and healing skills throughout the fight.

Best Personas to Fuse

Skull‘s focus on Physical and Electricity skills will also prove effective against the Reaper. Skull can score Critical Hits and inflict Shock on Reaper. You can then follow-up with Physical, Gun, and Nuclear attacks to deal even more damage. You should also buff allies with Matarukaja to boost their attack power during the fight.

Fox‘s arsenal of skills that mostly consist of Physical and Ice skills is also recommended for the fight and works similarly as Skull’s. The only difference is that Fox inflicts Freeze instead of Shock. Have him also use skills like Masukukaja to increase evasion and critical evasion during battle.

Lastly, Wolf‘s access to Physical, Gun, and Almighty skills all work well to complete your party. He also provides valuable utility in the form of the all-in-one buff skill Heat Riser that targets a single ally and can also hit the Reaper with the all-in-one debuff skill Debilitate to decrease the enemy’s attack power, defense power, and evasion, and critical evasion in battle.

As a final tip, be sure to have a full stock of HP and SP recovery items to be able to last throughout the fight.

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  1. Reporting in from playing and beating Reaper on Normal difficulty, here’s my thoughts.

    The Reaper is more of an endurance match than a real fight. If you can survive his attacks and react properly, the fight is a long but fairly simple breeze. For the fight, I would recommend Sophie, Ryuji, and Wolf. Over time, you and your teammates can whittle his health down to nothing through sheer determination, all out attacks, and Showtimes.

    Here were the personas I used to clear the fight:
    trumpeter – null bless/curse, drain ice
    dominion – drain nuclear null bless
    abaddon – null gun, drain curse
    Cerberus – drain fire
    yoshitsune – physical attacks, null electric/bless
    kali – null psy
    forneus – drain psy, null ice

    With these Personas, you can cover all of his elemental attacks and either drain or nullify them. Abaddon specifically is good at dealing with his “melee” attacks, which are all counted as “gun” damage, and can be blocked by him. The only attack you should worry about is Megidolaon, which should be evaded or avoided at all costs.

    The only thing to do, besides dodging Megidolaon, is switch to the appropriate Persona to counter each and every one of his moves.