Persona 5 Strikers - Tips for Beginners

A list of useful tips for new players in Persona 5 Strikers (P5S). This covers both daily life and phantom thief life activities.

Persona 5 Strikers - Tips for Beginners

Persona 5 Strikers Beginner’s Guide

Here is a list of our beginner’s tips in Persona 5 Strikers (or Persona 5 Scramble). This covers both daily life and thief life activities in the game:

Daily Life Tips

Talk to fellow Phantom Thieves frequently

Interact with your fellow Phantom Thieves as often as possible. This will allow you to pick up useful information and even bonus items when you talk to them.


Stock SP Items

Make it a point buy SP items before going back to your hideout. SP Items can be bought from most Vending Machines and special shops or stalls. Unlike in Persona 5, SP items restock once you return back to reality. If you entered a Jail during the day and left shortly, some vending machines and stores will restock SP Items automatically.

Once you have access to Joker’s Kitchen, you can create more SP Items but the ingredients are a limited stock in shops. You can do the same process to make shops resupply their ingredients.


Keep Visiting Facilities that Gives Bonus Bond Level Experience Points

Some facilities in each city you visit will provide a boost on your Bond Level. Keep visiting them during the day to increase your Bond Level. Also, you can interact with these facilities multiple times repeatedly going in and out of a Jail.

Phantom Thief Life Tips

Know which Bond Skills to prioritize

Bond skills grant your party a variety of effects, from increasing your maximum HP and SP to enhancing your attack power and defense. Plan which Band skills you will unlock carefully as the skill points spent acquiring them cannot be reallocated.

Best Bond Skills to Level Up First

Try to work your way towards getting Support Recovery which completely restores your party’s HP and SP after battle. This allows you to save up on healing items or become less reliant on them while exploring Jails.

Understand Enemy Weaknesses

A key tactic in battle is knowing the attributes that your enemies are weak against. This allows you to deal significant damage to them using skills.

Exploiting weaknesses is even more important during boss battles, as constantly hitting foes with the attribute they are weak against can cause them to enter a downed state for a brief period. You can use this opportunity to stack even more damage on the boss before it can retaliate.

Battle Tips

Do not hesitate to purchase equipment and items

Since money can easily be farmed by constantly defeating enemies in Jails, do not hesitate to buy weapons, armor, accessories, and healing items from Sophia’s Shop. You will also want to stock up on as many recovery items early on as you learn the mechanics of combat or before you take on the Jail Kings.

The longer you dive into the game, the more you’ll find tougher enemies which makes survivability a necessity. Regardless of whichever difficulty the game is set to, if you’re taking hits left and right, you’ll ultimately incur damage across the board. Having said that, don’t be stingy and invest on better gear and items to raise your defense stats.

Sophia’s Shop

Recommended Persona for Early Game

Pixie and Mokoi are encountered very early in the game and have access to some useful abilities. Pixie, for instance, can use Dia to heal allies in battle. Mokoi, meanwhile, has access to Tarukaja that increase the attack power of one character in the party.

Pixie and Mokoi can also be fused to create Principality which has the Recarm ability to revive downed allies to 50 percent of their maximum HP. You will need to raise Pixie to level 23 and Mokoi to level 22 to fuse them into Principality.

Use skills to your advantage

While out on the battlefield, you can’t flop about at random and expect each skill to connect and get the job done. The key to surpassing infiltrations is to make every skill well-spent. Assess the enemy’s attribute and check for ways to knock it out efficiently.

A good way to figure out enemy weakness is to stop moving and summon your Persona to lock onto it. Have the persona attack the boss with a variety of spells and skills to determine its weakness. Cycle back and forth between using skills and analyzing the boss’ attributes. After some trial and error, the boss’ data will eventually reveal its weaknesses. When struck by a skill it’s weak against, you can open up ways to inflict Fear on enemies or give an ally the chance to execute 1MORE or an All-Out-Attack.

Keep a good distance from enemies

Maintain a manageable distance that is far enough to avoid being surrounded yet near enough to punish enemies with skills. Even though there are some resemblance to Warrior games, P5S presents situations where you need to have some breathing room to connect skills rather than pure beatdown.

Perform a Baton Pass

Get familiar with the use of Baton Pass. Timely use of Baton Pass speeds up the Showtime gauge which grants more turns to use the powerful signature attack, Showtime.

Switching characters

Strikers attacks is a command where an ally uses a skill that spends 0 SP or triggers a 1MORE. After the Strikers, the control swaps to the ally which also hastens the Showtime gauge. When compared to the current character’s 1MORE, the ally’s Strikers proves to be more useful since it has a bonus effect of taking away one bar from the enemy’s down gauge.

Learn to switch targets

When the boss’ health falls, he will start to call for reinforcements. The backup is made up of regular shadows and while not all of them are offensive, they make up for it in numbers. Focus on taking them out to prevent their skills from connecting. For instance, some summoned enemies will use recovery skills to heal the boss, so be sure to take them out quickly.

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