Persona 5 Scramble / P5S - Sendai Jail Guide

A guide on Sendai Jail in Persona 5 Scramble. Included are the infiltration date, recommended character level, obtainable items and personas, mini bosses, King strategies, and Jail walkthrough.

Persona 5 Scramble - Sendai Jail Guide

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Sendai Jail

Persona 5 Scramble - Sendai Jail Guide

Infiltration Date 8/2
Recommended Level 22


Playable Characters
Persona 5 Scramble - JokerJoker Persona 5 Scramble - MonaMona Persona 5 Scramble - SkullSkull
Persona 5 Scramble - PantherPanther Persona 5 Scramble - FoxFox Persona 5 Scramble - QueenQueen
Persona 5 Scramble - OracleOracle Persona 5 Scramble - HaruNoir Persona 5 Scramble - SophiaSophia

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Luck Incense Sendai Station Square: Chest on the north east path blocking the door.
Patience Belt Sendai Station Square
Artistic new crane West path near the castle entrance
Orchid Pattern Climb up the steps at the Sendai World Center
Sandy Stuffed Toy In the middle of the hedges at Sendai World Center
Sledge Hammer Sendai World Center
Brain Shake Sendai World Center
Beautiful Piece After crossing the Azadori Ichibancho path
Soul Drop x3 Aoba Ichibancho
Degunda Aoba Ichibancho
Artistic Paper Cranes Path near the Frozen Blue Jewel.
Beautiful Book In the middle of the street after unlocking the blue door.
Beautiful Sky Near the entrance after unlocking the yellow door.
Beautiful Destination Path that leads to the panel.
Beautiful Sky Rooftop after crossing the transparent floor.
Portrait Rooftop after crossing the next set of floating pillars.
Skin ribber Chest at the north west end. Head north and then drop down and cross the transparent floors to reach it.
Bhuula Hirose Communication
Power Ankle Dungeon
Devil’s Castle


Name Lv. Skills Weakness
Heavenly King Doma (Jack-o’-Lantern) Ice, Wind
Mischievous Girl (High Pixie) 17 Gun, Nuclear
Heavenly King Ante (Lamia) 18 Ice, Nuclear
Snake Woman Lurking in the Corridor (Lamia) Ice, Nuclear
Heavenly King Kuga (Orthrus) 21 Ice
Undying Slime (Slime) 12
Heavenly King Betero (Eligor) Elec
Secret Agent Doramu (Pisaca) Fire, Bless
Cavalier of War (Eligor) Elec
Lock Keeper Ice, Bless, Curse
Nightmare Dragon Ango Ice, Bless, Curse

Sendai Jail Infiltration Guide

First Infiltration

Head to the Royal Castle

  1. Stop by the Aobayama Park and purchase the following: Harako (recipe), Traffic Safety Seal, Victory, and Toramasamune’s Eyepatch.
  2. Board the Camper Van and take the items from Futaba and Ryuji.
  3. Proceed to the Castle gate.
  4. Take on the boss Heavenly King Doma (Jack-o’-Lantern).


  1. After the cutscene, climb up the stairs to trigger another cutscene.
  2. You’ll be taken to the entrance again. Head left to infiltrate the castle from the back door.
  3. Exit and follow the “!” on the map to continue to Sendai World Center.

Sendai World Center

  1. Climb the stairs and follow the path that leads to the Prison Tower.
  2. Return to the center path and then approach the east side to find the drawbridge.
  3. Go to the north section of the map, and then jump across the columns to reach the rooftop.
  4. Drop down to reach the park.
  5. Jump across the stones to cross the river to get to the other side.
  6. Climb the steps and then make a right to locate the lever. Use it to operate the drawbridge.
  7. Enter the temple and collect the Jewel to start a battle.
  8. Cross the drawbridge.
  9. The boss will come back for another battle.
  10. Head straight to enter the garden.

West Garden

  1. Grab the item to trigger a cutscene.
  2. After the cutscene, approach the Treasure Persona to start the fight.
  3. Check the door of the rain temple.
  4. Climb up to the third floor of the apartment facing the temple.
  5. Head to the checkpoint.
  6. Start the battle against Mischievous Girl (High Pixie).

Second Infiltration

  1. Pass through the searchlights and infiltrate the rain temple.
  2. Seize the jewel.
  3. Enemies will sneak up from behind, so take them out.
  4. Return all the way to the Sendai World Center.

Prison Tower (Sendai World Center)

  1. Head to the Prison Tower Monument.
  2. Go inside the Prison Tower.
  3. Defeat the boss Heavenly King Ante (Lamia).
  4. Climb the steps for the testimony.
  5. Follow the road to reach the left side.

Azadori Ichibancho to Nishi Garden

  1. After the cutscene, you’ll arrive at a street, look up and disarm the traps as you cross.
  2. When you reach the far end, steal the red Jewel.
  3. Defeat the shadows.
  4. Inspect the door in the middle of the area.
  5. Head back out for a bit and wait for the shadow to turn around. Sneak up on it for an ambush.
  6. Head to the Parking Lot and defeat another wave of enemies.
  7. When the coast is clear, seize the Frozen Blue Jewel.
  8. Go back and locate the blue door.
  9. Sneak up on the shadow and knock them out. Pass through the residential area and climb all the way to the rooftop.
  10. Move across the buildings using the help of the floating platforms. Locate the Jewel to trigger another battle.
  11. After looting the Jewel, backtrack to the Parking Lot and head inside the yellow door.
  12. Defeat the boss Snake Woman Lurking in the Corridor (Lamia).

Aoba Dori Ichibancho (Prison Tower)

  1. Interact with the panel.
  2. Protect Futaba from the approaching shadows.
  3. Head inside the Prison Tower.
  4. Defeat the boss Heavenly King Kuga (Orthrus).

Hirose Communication

  1. Climb the tower and pick up the trophy.
  2. Slide down the pole for a quick exit, and then locate Hirose Dori.
  3. Pass through the building, dodge the searchlights and then cross the street.
  4. Go through the next building and disarm the suspended traps.
  5. Defeat the boss.
  6. Climb up to the rooftop.
  7. Take out the two groups of Shadows.
  8. Cross the floating pillars.
  9. Be careful not to fall off or you’ll have to redo climbing back up. Check the west path and follow the transparent floor.
  10. Jump across more floating pillars.
  11. Go around to the top left most corner of the map and drop down. Look down and cross the transparent floor to reach a small platform. Open the chest to loot the Skin ribber.
  12. Backtrack and head down, cross more transparent floors to reach the building to the south.
  13. Defeat the enemies and then drop down and cross the transparent floors on your left.
  14. Cross the wire and the last of the transparent floors to reach the Prison Tower for a cutscene.
  15. Defeat the boss Heavenly King Betero (Eligor).
  16. Climb to the top of the tower for a testimony.

Third Infiltration


  1. You may take the request which sends you back to Shibuya Jail.
  2. After completing the request, you’ll receive an email.
  3. Speak to Kyou to start the request.
  4. Board the van and travel to Sendai Jail.

Sendai Jail

  1. Infiltrate the backdoor and fight your way through.
  2. Defeat the boss Secret Agent Doramu (Pisaca).

Dungeon of Devil’s Castle

  1. From the t-shaped passage, pass through the ventilation hole.
  2. Locate the vent using third eye (L2).
  3. Head to the main entrance.

Main Entrance of Devil’s Castle

  1. Defeat the enemies.
  2. Pass through the area and defeat the bosses.
  3. Check the back door.

Upper Corridor of Devil’s Castle

  1. Head to the upper corridor.

Aobayama Park to Maou Castle

  1. After returning to the real world, proceed to Aobayama Park.
  2. Head for the designated area.
  3. Begin a mini boss battle against Lock Keeper.
  4. From the checkpoint, travel to Maou Castle.
  5. Pass through the upper corridor.
  6. Defeat the boss Nightmare Dragon Ango.

Nightmare Dragon Ango Jail King Boss Guide

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