Persona 5 Strikers - Painful Past: Demiurge Request Walkthrough

A guide on how to clear Painful Past: Demiurge request side mission in Persona 5 Strikers (P5S). Included are the side quest's availability, how to unlock, location, enemies, boss guide, rewards, and strategy to clear it.

Persona 5 Strikers - Painful Past: Demiurge Request Walkthrough

Painful Past: Demiurge Request Walkthrough


Availability 8/30
Location Tree of Knowledge
Objective Defeat Demiurge again.
  • First clear: Bond experience
  • Crab, Egg, Miso (cooking ingredients)


Demiurge Boss Guide

As with the first encounter against Demiurge, Bless and Curse damage will be very effective against the boss so Sophia and Joker can contribute heavily of offense during the fight.

Be sure to split the party accordingly when up against the Sephirah to gain the advantage since each of them have unique weaknesses to certain types of damage.

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  1. Hey when you do this re-fight make sure you’ve already beaten the mini-boss right in front of the door to the final boss. If you don’t, as soon as you finish the re-fight you’re immediately put into that mini-boss fight with your HP, and SP from the demiurge re-fight

    • However, I just learned from testing if you defeat the mini-boss and head back to the camper (I needed SP and didn’t want to waste items) when you return it is instead a fight against a Yatagarasu, much like from the beginning of the Tree of Knowledge. So if you defeat the strong boss, leave and come back it’s defeated and you won’t have to re-fight it after you defeat the demiurge again.

      • Hi again. I hate to be that guy, but what I said was wrong, and I don’t want people to get concerned. I had a few requests up at the time of doing this, one of them being “the angel of contracts descends” which I did not realize took place right outside the elevator to the demiurge fight. So when I finished the re-fight it put me right into that request fight. It wasn’t just a powerful shadow that is there for some reason, I didn’t make the connection until I went to turn in the quest and had them both done. So this should only be a concern for you if you have both quests up at the same time! Not if you’re just doing the re-fights. Sorry again for all the posts I just didn’t want to leave false/misleading information!