Persona 5 Scramble / P5S - How to Obtain the Best Weapons

Details on how to obtain the best weapons in Persona 5 Scramble. Included are an overview and list of weapons.

Persona 5 Scramble - Best Weapons

Persona 5 Scramble Best Weapons

Weapons are vital in combat since they offer a substantial boost in attack and may also incorporate extra effects. Each character has an equivalent signature weapon which also grants bonus effects. You can obtain a weapon after completing certain requests or obtaining them as a rewards from boss battles.

Best Armor

Set 1

Name Compatibility Stats How to Obtain
PL Replica Joker
  • 300 Attack
  • Greatly lowers Curse damage.
Complete “Grim Reaper’s Room”
Mjolnir Replica Skull
  • 302 Attack
  • Boosts electric damage
Complete “Memorial Journey: Akira Konoe”
CS Replica Mona
  • 296 Attack
  • SP +30
Complete “Innocent Devil Strides”
Abyssal Whip Replica Panther
  • 290 Attack
  • SP +30
Complete “Memorial Journey: Alice Hiiragi”
Thin Edge Replica Fox
  • 304 Attack
  • Moderate Chance to inflict Fear
Complete “Memorial Journey: Extreme Natsume Ango”
Vajra Replica Queen
  • 300 Attack
  • Moderate chance to inflict Dizzy
Boss drop from request “Contract Angels”
FM Replica Noir
  • 308 Attack
  • Magic +5
Boss drop from request “Contract Angels”
Forbidden Fruit Sophia
  • 292 Attack
  • Boosts Bless damage
Complete “The Journey of Memories: Demiurge”
G Wolf
  • 306 Attack
  • +5 to ?
Boss drop from request “Rebirth of Anguish”


Set 2

Below is a list of weapons that can only be unlocked after defeating certain enemies on RISKY difficulty.

Name Compatibility Stats How to Obtain
Cocutes Joker
  • 338 Attack
  • Greatly lowers Bless and Curse damage.
Complete “Journey of Memories: Demiurge”
Basara Skull
  • 334 Attack
  • Strengthens Elec damage / Power +5
Defeat Goma in Sendai Jail
Echesachs Mona
  • 330 Attack
  • SP +30 / Agility +5
Defeat Goma in Shibuya Jail
Star Sea Whip Panther
  • 326 Attack
  • Magic +5 / SP +30
Defeat Goma
Amenohabakiri Fox ? Defeat Goma
Royal Touch Queen ? Defeat Goma
Parash Noir ? Defeat Goma
Elpis Sophia
  • 328 Attack
  • Magic +5 / ??
Defeat Goma
Cartena Wolf
  • 344 Attack
  • Strength +5 / Endurance +5
Defeat Goma

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