Persona 5 Scramble / P5S - Recovery Skill List

A list of all recovery skills in Persona 5 Scramble, including where to obtain skills cards and applicable persona that can use them.

Persona 5 Scramble - Recovery Skill List

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Persona 5 Scramble Recovery Skills

Name SP Effect Skill Card Location Applicable Personas
Amrita Drop 4 Cures one ally of a non-special status condition. Milady, Hua Po, Fortuna
Dia 6 Heal a small amount of HP on one ally. Shibuya Jail, Sendai Jail (Strong Shadow) Pixie, Zorro, Pithos, Carmen, Johanna
Amrita Shower 8 Cures all allies of non-special status conditions. Sarasvati
Media 14 Heals a small amount of HP on all allies. Sendai Jail Zorro, Pithos, Johanna, High Pixie, Ame-no-Uzume, Principality
Diarama 16 Heals a medium amount of HP on one ally. Zorro, Pithos, Carmen, Johanna, Ame-no-Uzume, Kikuri Hime
Recarm 24 Revives a downed ally with 50% HP. Zorro, Pithos, High Pixie, Principality, Unicorn
Mediarama 32 Heals a medium amount of HP on all allies. Zorro, Johanna, Unicorn, Kikuri Hime, Sarasvati
Diarahan 40 Fully heals the HP of one ally. Tree of Life and Wisdom Carmen, Johanna, Sarasvati, Norn
Samarecarm 48 Revives one ally with full HP. Zorro, Norn
Mediarahan 68 Fully heals the HP of all allies. Pithos, Johanna

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