Persona 5 Strikers - Prison Letter Fusion Requests

List of fusion requests in Persona 5 Strikers (P5S).

Persona 5 Strikers - Prison Letter Fusion Requests

Persona 5 Strikers Prison Letter Persona

The need for fusion returns in the form of fusion requests. Each quest asks you to produce a combination of one Persona and a specified skill that can be inherited through fusion.

After obtaining the unique Persona and skill combination, you need to show it to Lavenza in the Velvet Room to receive a reward. Currently, the fusion requests consist of nine tasks under the “Prison Letter” chain of quests. Here, we compiled a list of the request number, fusion request, and the necessary Personas required.

Request List

List of Fusion Requests

Request Fusion Request Crafting ingredients
1 Archangel (Justice) with Amrita Drop
  • Start by capturing High Pixie (Fool) from the Sendai Jail.
  • Capture Andras (Devil) and Succubus (Moon) from Shibuya Jail,
  • Fuse Succubus and Andras to produce Hua Po (Hanged Man),
  • Finally, fuse Hua Po (14) and High Pixie (14)
2 Eligor (Emperor) with Divine Grace
  • Head to Sendai Jail and capture Lilim (Devil), Lamia (Empress), and Orthrus (Hanged Man).
  • Fuse Orthrus and Lamia to craft Ame-no-Uzume (Lovers)
  • Finally, fuse Ame-no-Uzume (29) with Lilim (25)
3 Kaiwan (Star) with Makouga
  • Explore Sapporo Jail and capture Principality (Justice) and Setanta (Emperor)
  • Fuse Principality (27) with Setanta (26)
4 Mithra (Temperance) with Regenerate 1
  • The steps are fairly similar to the previous request. Go to Sapporo Jail and capture Principality (Justice) and Setanta (Emperor)
  • Merge Principality (27) and Setanta (31)
5 Unicorn (Hierophant) with Zionga
  • Go down to Okinawa Jail and capture Black Ooze (Moon) and Shiisa (Chariot).
  • Fuse Black Ooze (33) with Shiisa (35)
6 Queen Mab (Magician) with “Trascendental Technique”
  • Head to Kyoto Jail and capture Kikuri-hime (Priestess).
  • Visit Sapporo Jail and capture Kaiwan (Star).
  • Merge Kikuri-hime (40) and Kaiwan (37)
7 Trumpeter (Judgement) with Diarahan
  • Enter Osaka Jail and Capture Sarasvati (Priestess) and Norn (Fortune).
  • Fuse Sarasvati (48) and Norn (54).
8 Cu Chulainn (Star) with Concentrate
  • Head over to the Abyss Jail and capture Nebiros (Devil) and Mot (Death)
  • Fuse Nebiros (55) and Mot (59)
9 Dominion (Justice) with Nuclear Amp
  • Return to Abyss Jail and capture Mot (Death)
  • Proceed to the last dungeon and capture Forneus (Hierophant)
  • Merge Mot (62) and Forneus (60)

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