Persona 5 Scramble / P5S - Request List

Details on requests in Persona 5 Scramble. Included are an overview, steps on how to start a request, and a summary of requests.


Names of requests and objectives are roughly translated. We will update these when the game comes out.

Taking Requests

Requests are side quests that the protagonist can take from surrounding characters. Going through the main story, you’ll eventually run into supporting characters and NPCs that will ask you to fulfill some requests.

Earn Rewards

Completing requests gives you rewards such as items and BAND experience points. That being said, work on requests while advancing the story to strengthen the party.

Take on tougher enemies

New variants of enemies that are more powerful than ordinary shadows start to appear in requests. Arm your party to the teeth and don’t miss out on the opportunity to battle these foes.

Requests can be skipped

One of the issues with requests is that they can be overlooked. On the event that you skip a request, you can’t return to it by the time you reach the next city. Having said that, take the time to complete the request before heading to the next stop over.

How to start a request

Requests become available after you have defeated the Sendai Jail boss “Vetero.” Head to the hideout and then open the menu to start a request. Request types can range from delivery to combat-oriented.

Some requests can be done once, while others come with a square box beside it. The box indicates that you can redo the request as many times as you want. Whichever request you take, check for requests that can be done in the upcoming infiltration to avoid going back and forth.

When there’s an active request, you can tell it by the “REQ” icon which appears on the left hand corner of the screen.

List of requests

Velvet Room (Prison Letter)

Date Request Objective Reward
8/3 Letter from prison 1 Show Lavenza an Arch Angel with Amrita Drop. Diarama Skill Card
8/11 Letter from prison 2 Show Lavenza an Eligor with Divine Grace. Rebellion Skill Card
8/11 Letter from prison 3 Show Lavenza a Kaiwan with Makouga. Soul Steal Skill Card
8/17 Letter from prison 4 Show Lavenza a Mithras with Regenerate 1. Charge skill Card
8/23 Letter from prison 5 Show Lavenza an Unicorn with Zionga. Enhance Sense of Wild
8/24 Letter from prison 6 Show Lavenza a Queen Mab with ?? Enhance skill effect

Sophia’s Shop

Date Request Objective Reward
8/8 Sophia’s Weapon Shop 1 Defeat 20 High Pixies
  • First Clear:Unlock weapons
  • 1200 yen
8/8 Sophia’s Armor Shop 1 Defeat 5 Orthrus
  • Unlock armor
  • Medicine
8/24 Sophia’s Weapon Shop 2 Use Phantom Move to defeat 5 Beckoning cat.
  • Unlock weapons
8/24 Sophia’s Armor Shop 2 Use Wolf to defeat 10 Koppa Tengu.
  • Unlock armor

Ichinose Junk Collection

Date Request Objective Reward
8/8 Ichinose Junk Collection 1 Deliver 15 pieces of suspicious chips Middle Hackerware
8/11 Ichinose Junk Collection 2 Deliver 12 strange circuit fragments Rank up on Fund technique
8/17 Ichinose Junk Collection 3 Deliver 12 pieces of strange foundation Toughness Muffler
8/23 Ichinose Junk Collection 4 Deliver 12 pieces of mysterious discs Star Hackerware
8/24 Ichinose Junk Collection 5 Deliver 9 suspicious character string data M. Ribbon Replica
8/24 Ichinose Junk Collection 6 Deliver 9 ambiguous list files Rune Talisman
8/28 Ichinose Junk Collection 7 Deliver 12 bizarre reports SP Incense

Shibuya Jail

Date Request Objective Reward
8/2 Regain Negai Defeat all shadows at the intersection. Policy Hoodie
8/3 Punishment of Wind Infiltrate Shibuya Jail and defeat 3 Succubi Neck Hunter Ladle Replica
8/3 Alice Hiiragi’s Journey of Memory Defeat Jail boss Mad Rabbit Alice BAND exp
8/8 Wonderland Wish ?
8/24 Way of the Panther Head to the depths of the sewers without alerting enemies
  • First Clear: ?
  • Deodorant charcoal


Date Request Objective Reward
Sendai Station Square
Please ☆ Sweets Paradise
  • Deliver Shake Shake x1
  • Shaft Daifuku x1
  • Beef Tongue Ice x1
BAND exp
Sendai Aobayama Park
Help the cat Deliver the Supreme Parfait BAND exp

Sendai Jail

Date Request Objective Reward
8/3 Snakes are not good in cold Defeat 3 Lamia by hitting their weakness Muratoshi Masato
8/11 Nightmare Wish ?
8/11 Endure the Muddy Hell Defeat 50 Slime using Joker Mysterious Walking Stick Replica
8/24 Kurokami Descends Defeat the boss “Destruction Brother” Beast Head
(Seth key item)
8/24 Way of the Fox Head to the west garden without alerting enemies and using checkpoints.
  • First Clear: Knight Emblem
  • Bitter gourd, tofu, carrot ingredients
8/24 Special Guest Defeat 10 High Pixie using Phantom Move
  • First Clear: Traffic Sign (Wolf)
  • Magic stone


Date Request Objective Reward
8/11 Ramen Addiction Deliver meal ticket x2 BAND exp

Sapporo Jail

Date Request Objective Reward
8/11 Shoot down loud insects Defeat 8 Mothman using Gun attacks.
8/11 Sapporo Cold Warning Defeat 20 Jack Frost by hitting their weakness
  • First Clear: ?
  • Surah Tea
8/11 Curse by an Angel Defeat 3 Principality by hitting their weakness
  • First Clear: Increase BAND Skill level cap
  • 2600 yen
8/11 Knight’s Commandment Defeat 3 Setanta by hitting their weakness
  • First Clear: DC Replica (Noir)
  • 2200 yen
8/11 Blessing of Light Defeat 3 Lilim by hitting their weakness
  • First Clear: Water Yoyo (Sophia)
  • Lamb, pork, flour ingredients
8/11 Nuclear Hammer Defeat 3 Kaiwan by hitting their weakness
  • First Clear: Grim Reaper’s Claw (Queen)
  • Lamb, pork, flour ingredients
8/17 Ice and Snow Wish Increase BAND Skill “Further Bonds” level cap
8/17 Mariko Hidou’s Journey of Memory Defeat Snow White Mariko
  • First Clear: BAND exp
  • Tuna, beef ingredients
8/24 Way of the Noir Head to the REQ location of the tower without using checkpoints or alerting enemies.
  • First Clear: ?
  • 10000 yen



Date Request Objective Reward
Split Trial Buy watermelon. Defeat 10 Jack Frost using Queen. BAND exp
Arts Festival Defeat 10 Shiisa using Fox Shiisa Figurine

Okinawa Jail

Date Request Objective Reward
8/23 Lightning Revelation Defeat 20 Black Ooze by hitting their weakness
  • First Clear: Demon Pipe (Skull)
  • Ground ball
8/23 Ruins Wish “God’s Blessing” Skill Card

Any Jail

Date Request Objective Reward
8/23 A splendid experiment Defeat 8 enemies simultaneously using Showtime
  • First Clear: ?
  • 4800 yen


Date Request Objective Reward
8/24 Dad’s an Amateur Cook Ann and Futaba Coop BAND exp
BAND exp

Osaka Jail

Date Request Objective Reward
8/24 Way of the Skull Defeat 5 Valkyrie and 20 Naga
  • First Clear: Increase BAND Skill “Parameter Booster” level cap”
  • Jewel
8/24 Howling Dog of Hades Defeat Cerberus
  • First Clear: Hades Collar
  • 15000 yen

Kyoto Jail

Date Request Objective Reward
8/24 Senbon Torii Wish “Concentrate” Skill Card

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