Persona 5 Strikers - Best Bond Skills to Get First

List of Bond skills the player needs to level up first in Persona 5 Strikers or Persona 5 Scramble (P5S), including the bond points they require in the game.

Persona 5 Strikers - Best Bond Skills to Get First

Best Bond Skills to Level Up First in Persona 5 Strikers

Persona 5 Strikers - Bond Skills

Bond Skills in Persona 5 Strikers (or Persona 5 Scramble) refers to additional perks for the Phantom Thieves as a whole. These perks are separate from each Phantom Thief’s individual skills and can range from stat boosts to battle enhancements. More perks will be unlocked as your progress through the game’s main story.

Bond Skill Guide and List

These perks can also be upgraded by experience points acquired from winning battles. Also, the Protagonist can interact with places that can also add more Bond experience.

Bond Level Experience Boost Locations


Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyBest Friend Reach max level with one Bond skill.
Eternal Bonds Reach max level with all Bond skills.

Trophies List

Essential Bond Skills

Here are Bond Skills the Protagonist needs to unlock as soon as the Bond System is enabled:


Bondmaker raises the number of Bond experience points you gain in battle. Unlocking this is top priority to allow you to unlock more skills quicker moving forward.


Level this Bond Skill in order to gain more money and item drops from battles. You will eventually need to buy essential accessories during the Sapporo story so it’s better to save up as soon as possible.

Oracle Recovery

Oracle Recovery fully restores all characters’ HP and SP after the battle. The points required might seem a lot but investing on the skill early comes in handy in the long run. This is an incredibly useful skill for saving up on recovery items while exploring Jails.


Allows you to restore the HP of all allies by performing a sneak attack on enemies. Combined with Oracle Recovery, this will further reduce your reliance on HP recovery items while battling enemies in Jails.

Other useful bond skills

Jewel Hunter

Jewel Hunter increases the chance of finding treasure demons. Unlike Persona 5, the treasure demons in Strikers cannot be captured.  Instead, when the player defeats a treasure demon, the party earns large amounts of experience and money. Some fights even grant bonus items such as consumable items and skill cards.

Strength Boost

Increases St for all party members which affects Physical as well as Gun attacks. Although Strength, can be unlocked almost instantly, they shine a little later.

Best Bond Skills to Level Up First

Here is an initial list of Bond skills to unlock first by Bond Level:

Bond Points needed to be updated!

Bond Level Recommended Bond Skill Bond Points Needed
Bond Level 1
  • Bondmaker Level 1
  • Extortionist Level 1
5 Bond Points
Bond Level 2
  • Bondmaker Level 2
3 Bond Points
Bond Level 8
  • Oracle Recovery Level 1
  • Ambusher Level 1
18 Bond Points
Bond Level 10
  • Ambusher Level 2
5 Bond Points
Bond Level 13
  • Oracle Recovery Level 2
5 Bond Points
Bond Level 17
  • Oracle Recovery Level 3
6 Bond Points
Bond Level 18
  • Jewel Hunter Level 1
  • Jewel Hunter Level 2
7 Bond Points
Bond Level 19
  • Jewel Hunter Level 3
7 Bond Points
Bond Level 20
  • Cooking Level 1
  • Safecracker Level 1
7 Bond Points
Bond Level 21
  • Strength Boost Level 1
  • Strength Boost Level 2
  • Strength Boost Level 3
7 Bond Points
Bond Level 22
  • Strength Boost Level 4
  • Strength Boost Level 5
8 Bond Points
Bond Level 23
  • Spiritual Arts Level 1
  • Spiritual Arts Level 2
8 Bond Points
Bond Level 29
  • Extortionist Level 3
  • Extortionist Level 4
  • Extortionist Level 5
9 Bond Points
Bond Level 30
  • Proper Showman Level 1
10 Bond Points
Bond Level 31
  • Proper Showman Level 2
10 Bond Points
Bond Level 32
  • Joker’s Wild Level 1
  • Joker’s Wild Level 2
  • Joker’s Wild Level 3
  • Joker’s Wild Level 4
10 Bond Points
Bond Level 33
  • Pass Appeal Level 1
10 Bond Points
Bond Level 34
  • Pass Appeal Level 2
11 Bond Points
Bond Level 35
  • Pass Appeal Level 3
11 Bond Points
Bond Level 37
  • Spirit Striker Level 1
11 Bond Points

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  1. There seems to be too many inaccuracies including Bond pts and “Jewel Hunter” that I see copied and pasted on many websites.

    • Brilliant Curtain is the Showtime damage buff in the bond menu. It shows a sticker of joker taking off the mask holding it in his hand. This is unlocked after the completion of the Kyoto Jail.