Persona 5 Scramble / P5S - Strong Shadows Guide

A guide on Strong Shadows in Persona 5 Scramble, including their locations and rewards for beating them.

Persona 5 Scramble - Strong Shadows Guide

Persona 5 Scramble Strong Shadows

What are Strong Shadows?

Strong Shadows are extremely powerful enemies that appear in each jail. They are high-level enemies that require much more strategy and preparation to defeat.

Strong Shadows are distinguished from normal Shadows by the faint surges of electricity surrounding them.

Strong Shadows List

Name Location Weakness Obtainable Skill Cards
Bugbear Shibuya Jail Elec, Wind, Curse Zio, Garu, Psi, Dodge Nuclear
Raja Naga Sendai Jail Fire, Ice, Bless Brain Shake, Agilao, Zionga, Freila, Makouha, Eiga, Dia
Lilith Sapporo Jail Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind Provoke, Dodge Ice, Dodge Elec, Dodge Psy
Nebiros Okinawa Jail Fire, Elec, Wind Maragion, Mafreila, Maeiga
Yatagarasu Kyoto Jail Fire, Ice, Nuclear
Eligor Osaka Jail Elec, Bless, Curse Bufudyne, Psiodyne, Mamudoon, Bless Boost, Ice Boost, Elec Boost
Mithras Abyss Jail Ice, Bless, Curse
Archangel Tree of Life and Wisdom Wind, Psy, Nuclear Deathbound, Makougan, Maeigaon, Megidola
Reaper Requires clearing all Strong Shadows Mission Requests to unlock.

Defeating Strong Shadows

Obtaining Experience

A large amount of experience points can be earned for defeating Strong Shadows, allowing you to raise the level of characters and the Band.

Acquiring Skill Cards

You can also obtain various skill cards after defeating Strong Shadows. These can be used to teach your personas new skills to use in battle.

Unlocking the Reaper and Accessing Takeover Feature

Clearing all mission requests to defeat all Strong Shadows will cause the Reaper, an immensely powerful enemy, to appear. Beating the Reaper will then unlock the Takeover feature.

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  1. Do you eventually get requests to defeat the Strong Shadows, or do you just get a mission reauest for the reaper after randomly defeating them all? I defeated 2 so far, I in Kyoto and the other in Shibuya, but I never got a mission promt or request other than a warning of its immense power when I came close to it. Will these same enemies reappear, or does the game keep record of what I already defeated?

    • Ok so this is my first run I didint defeat bugbear im on the second jail how the f do you defeat this thing its so strong it kills anyone in one hit i cant even get it close to a quarter of hp is there a strategy i can use? Or something?

    • Sadly I don’t have the answer I cant even do the second one are you supposed to do it on new game plus or on the first run cus I cant tell im on the first run and I get one hit and i cant get a quarter of hp off him