Persona 5 Scramble / P5S - Yusuke Kitagawa Character Profile

Information about Yusuke Kitagawa or Fox, the main playable character of Persona 5 Scramble / P5S. Included also are his persona, skills, combos, master arts, and showtime attack.

Persona 5 Scramble / P5S - Yusuke Character Profile

Yusuke Kitagawa

Persona 5 Scramble / P5S - Yusuke Character Profile Codename: Fox
Starting Persona: Goemon
Persona’s strengths: Specializes in using Ice skills.
Melee Weapon: Sword
Ranged Weapon: Rifle
Combat style: A skillful swordsman with high attack and can counter enemies with his elegant style. His gun attacks are easy to use


An aspiring artist enrolled in Kosei High School. Yusuke appears as a strapping young man with a meticulous outlook. His life-long pursuits for the arts often him penniless due to his large investment in art supplies.



Yusuke’s initial persona is Goemon which specializes in physical and ice skills.

Goemon Persona Stats and Skills

Recommended Skills

Ice Skills

Yusuke’s persona Goemon can use ice attacks to freeze enemies before unleashing heavy physical damage on them while they are vulnerable.


Name Input Notes
Shoot Hold L1 then press R1 Unloads a shot with the rifle.
Sword attack Can be used repeatedly to perform a total of 5 hits.
Sword uppercut
  • ▢→△ (PS4)
  • Y→X (Switch)
Launches enemy and chops them in mid-air.


Name Input Notes
Combo 1
  • ▢ → ▢ → △ (PS4)
  • Y → Y → X (Switch)
Uses the persona’s skill at the end of the combo.
Combo 2
  • ▢→▢→▢→△ (PS4)
  • Y→Y→Y→X (Switch)
Uses the persona’s skill at the end of the combo.
Combo 3
  • ▢→▢→▢→▢→△ (PS4)
  • Y→Y→Y→Y→X (Switch)

Master Arts

Name Input Notes
Scattering Blades of Ice
  • ▢→▢→△ (PS4)
  • Y→Y→X (Switch)
Allows you to pursue the opponent after the attack.
High Counter
  • ▢→▢→△ (PS4)
  • Y→Y→X (Switch)
Activate a “Counter” effect for a certain period of time
World Robbery
  • ▢→△ (PS4)
  • Y→X (Switch)
If you have multiple enemies after summoning Goemon, your party will be buffed by Sukakaja
Freezing Counter
  • △ (PS4)
  • X (Switch)
Activate a Freeze counter effect to enemies.


Fox and his Persona, Goemon, briefly examine the enemies. Goemon starts by freezing them with icy breath, while Fox charges, blade on hand, and rapidly slices the icicles. The damage takes effect as Fox sheathes his sword.

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