Persona 5 Scramble / P5S - Demiurge Final Boss Guide

Final boss guide on Demiurge in Persona 5 Scramble. Included are the final boss' stats, recommended party, personas, equipment, strategy, and rewards.

Persona 5 Scramble - Demiurge Final Boss Guide


Phase 1 Stats

Weaknesses ?
Resistances ?

Phase 2 Stats

Weaknesses Bless, Curse
Resistances Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind, Psy, Nuke

Recommended Party

Name Notes
Panther, Fox, Queen (Group 1) First group can handle the spheres that are weak to Wind, Nuke, and Fire.
Skull, Noir, Sophia (Group 2) Leave the second group to keep the rest of the spheres busy. These include spheres that are prone to Elec, Psy, and Bless.
Wolf and Mona (Group 3) Save the last group for the Tree of Life and Wisdom’s boss. If you have saved heals up to this point, now is the time to use them.

Recommended Personas for Joker

Name Notes

Recommended Equipment

Name Notes


Bring some heals prior to the journey to the Tree of Life and Wisdom. Consumables serve to facilitate recovery especially for those scenarios when SP drops at an all time low.

The fight against Demiurge is composed of two phases and the second phase can be relatively easier if you can conserve your recovery items. On the first phase, Demiurge relies on using a homing laser beam which you can anticipate. Listen closely to Oracle who will warn you of the enemy’s incoming attack.

The second phase involves splitting the party into three groups as you will need to take out 10 spheres summoned by the boss, each with their own unique weaknesses. Use the table below as reference.

Name Weakness
Binner Wind
Ketel Nuclear
Kesed Gun
Gevlar Fire
Kokumar Ice
Tifareto Elec
Netzak Psy
Markt Bless

Ensure that each party has enough firepower so distribute the offensive members evenly. Assign one group to attack the sphere. Take your pick among the following skills since these can hit for super effective damage: wind, nuclear, gun, fire and ice. For example, a good roster consists of Panther, Fox, and Queen. Among the spheres, focus on “Kesed” and “Ketel,” since the former tends to use healing spells and the latter can summon reinforcements.

Have the second group handle the remaining spheres namely “Tifareto,” “Netzak,” “Markt,” and the others. A good example of a team composition would be Skull, Noir, and Sophia.

Save the last group for the final battle. Pair Wolf whose Persona lacks weaknesses with Mona’s Persona’s amazing support skills. One of Demiurge’s attacks has the ability to pursue the player which can be quite pesky to deal with. Bide your time and head to the corner. When the boss’ attack wears off, close in for a clean hit.

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