Persona 5 Strikers - All Mona Desire Box Locations

A guide on where to find all Forgotten Desires, Lost Desires, and Donated Desires (Mona Box) in Persona 5 Strikers (P5S). Included are the requests that require each Desire box, request date, availability, location in each Jail (dungeon), and rewards for finding them.

Persona 5 Strikers - Mona Desire Box Locations

Forgotten, Lost, and Donated Desire Locations

What Mona Desire Boxes?

Forgotten, Lost, and Donated Desires are a form of collectible that are found throughout the game’s various Jails. Finding them is the objective of all Mona Desire Box requests that appear as you progress further into new locations in the game.

Request List

You will receive various rewards, including useful skill cards and band skill upgrades, for finding them.

Request Availability Location Reward
Trapped in Wonderland 8/8 Shibuya Jail – Leftmost section of the Underground Waterway (where you met Sophia) near the chest. Unlocks more accessories in Sophia’s shop.
Trapped in a Nightmare 8/11 Sendai Jail – Northwest corner of the map (Hirose Street). It is found on the roof which you can reach by using Phantom Move on the floating gems and invisible platforms. Unlocks more accessories in Sophia’s shop.
Trapped in a Frozen Hell 8/17 Sapporo Jail – Head to the Arboreum and take the path through the chapel (instead of the slope going down). Continue through the path with the robotic quadrupeds to find the Forgotten Desire. Increase BAND skill “Further Bonds” level cap
Trapped in Ruins 8/23 Okinawa Jail – Head to the shipping container room to the right of Lab: North section. Go up the stack of containers in the middle by using the moving crane to find the Forgotten Desire. Divine Grace Skill Card
Trapped in Shrine Gates 8/24 Kyoto Jail – From the Inari Taisha checkpoint, move past the Fox Couple statue and head to fenced section surrounded by bamboo (lower right corner of the map). Concentrate Skill Card
Trapped in Dystopia 8/28 Osaka Jail – Found in the middle section of the Shipping Railway area. Get on the energy pods in the middle of the map and use Phantom Dash on the cover points to your left to reach the platform ahead where the Forgotten Desire will be. Power Incense
Trapped in the Abyss 8/30 Abyss Jail – From the Depths of the Abyss checkpoint (third checkpoint), climb up the ledge in the west to find the Donated Desire. Increase BAND skill “Further Bonds” level cap
Trapped in the Great Tree 8/30 Tree of Life and Wisdom -From the Path of Yearning checkpoint, jump on the mysterious box to reach the upper area going to the Path of Surrender.

Follow the path in the next area as it goes north and then bends south. Move up the wall of debris (surrounded by a pair of escalators) with roots creeping from the top and continue going up. Afterwards, move toward the chest in the far end of the path and look up to your right to find cover point up the ledge where the Donated Desire is.

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  1. the ques trapped in the ruins and trapped in the abyss simply arent showing up for me are there any pre requisites for either? i completed all the other trapped quest