Persona 5 Scramble / P5S - Haru Okumura Character Profile

Character information for Haru, a main character of Persona 5 Scramble / P5S. Included are her background and role in the game.

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Haru Okumura

Persona 5 Scramble - Haru Character Profile Codename: Noir
Starting Persona: Milady
Persona’s strengths: Specializes in Psy and Gun skills.
Melee Weapon: Axe
Ranged Weapon: Grenade Launcher
Combat style: Attacks enemies with an axe that she uses in conjunction with Psy and Gun skills.


Haru is the daughter of Okumura Foods president Kunikazu Okumura. Initially distancing herself from people because of trust issues, she eventually befriends the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and becomes their ally. Haru eventually frees herself from her controlling father and fights to change society with her new friends.



Haru’s initial persona Milady specializes in gun and psy skills. The latter can inflict fear, rage, and brainwash.

Recommended Skills

Psy Skills

Haru’s pesona Milady can inflict mental status conditions on enemies with skills such as Evil’s Touch and Marin Karin. These can be followed-up with other psy skills to deal massive damage.


Name Input Notes
Shoot Hold L1 then press R1 Shoots with the launcher.
Axe smite Can be used repeatedly to perform a total of 4 hits.
? ? Summons persona and attacks with launcher after holding down the button.
  • Press △ while in mid-air (PS4)
  • Press X while in mid-air (Switch)
Hold down after attacking to pound the enemy onto the ground.
  • ▢→△ (PS4)
  • Y→X (Switch)
Launches enemy.


Name Input Notes
Combo 1
  • ▢→▢→△ (PS4)
  • Y→Y→X (Switch)
Uses the persona’s skill at the end of the combo.
Combo 2
  • ▢→▢→▢→△ (PS4)
  • Y→Y→Y→X (Switch)
Uses the persona’s skill at the end of the combo.

Master Arts

Name Input Notes
Axe Waltz
  • ▢→▢→▢→▢→ (PS4)
  • Y→Y→Y→Y (Switch)
Allows you to purse the enemy after the attack.
Thread Axe ? Chance to inflict Dizzy on enemy.
Sing in the Rain ? Enhances power and extends the range of gun attacks. Long press △ / X to save rounds.
Etoile ? When holding down the special attack, raises the attack speed.

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