Persona 5 Scramble / P5S - Playable Character Tier List

A rating list of the strength of playable characters in Persona 5 Scramble / P5S. This includes a breakdown of their roles, combat styles, and ease of use.

Persona 5 Scramble / P5S - Playable Character Tier List

Tier List of Playable Characters in Persona 5 Scramble

Persona 5 Scramble’s playable characters are assessed based on their set of skills. The higher the character’s ranking, the better they fare in combat due to their combination of special attacks, master arts, and usefulness in the late game.

When it comes to Melee moves, here is our initial description:

  • Initiator – moves that can be used to lunge into enemy shadows.
  • Mobility – moves that enable quick movement around the battlefield.
  • Harass – moves that continuously deal damage from afar.
  • Control – moves that hamper or disable enemy shadows. For example, status ailment infliction or technical damage.
  • Reflect – moves that return the damage dealt by enemies. Applies to Physical, Gun, and Elemental attacks.
  • Finisher – moves that deal massive damage in order to finish enemies off.

We will update this when the game comes out.

SS Tier (Highest Tier)

Playable Character Combat Roles Combat Style
Persona 5 Scramble - JokerJoker 1. Melee (Initiator, Mobility, and Finisher)
2. Ranged Physical and Gun
3. Ranged Spell (Curse and other Elements)
4. Buff / Debuff Support
5. Healing Support
Versatile playstyle and can use various skills consisting of different attributes.
Joker can choose among the many attributes at his disposal to make quick work of enemies. In addition, his Showtime gauge scales with the number of Persona in his possession. Being a versatile character, Joker can actively play a part in all phases of the game, especially in the end game phase. The only downside to using Joker is that he relies too much on the equipped persona. Therefore, if you plan on using Joker often, you may opt to scout for the best persona to determine which among them fit best given the situation.

S Tier (High Tier)

Playable Character Combat Roles Combat Style
Persona 5 Scramble - SophiaSophie 1. Melee (Harass and Control)
2. Ranged Spell (Bless)
3. Healing Support
4. Debuff Support
Specializes in Bless skills and weakening enemies.
With high speed and a wide area of effect, Sophia excels in Jail infiltrations. To complement her abilities, she also has access to an attack buff. Overall, Sophia is a great teammate to have when building for the late game phase since she pairs excellently with other strong characters like Joker.
Persona 5 Scramble - WolfWolf 1. Melee (Initiator, Mobility, and Harass)
2. Ranged Gun
3. Ranged Spell (Almighty)
4. Buff Support
Specializes in Almighty and Gun skills. He also has support abilities to empower allies.

With Madness, Wolf attains an even higher attack range. Other than that, he has “Absorb,” which grants him the ability to use Almighty skills. The unique attribute is useful against most enemies since these attacks aren’t affected by resists or reflect. In addition, Wolf’s proficiency with Gun skills gives him the chance to pepper enemies with shots that blast through different directions.

Persona 5 Scramble - FoxFox 1. Melee (Control, Reflect and Finisher)
2. Ranged Gun
3. Ranged Spell (Ice)
4. Buff Support
A skillful swordsman with high attack and can counter enemies with his elegant style. His gun attacks are easy to use.

Fox has a wide horizontal reach among all the characters. He can perform a counter with the △ button. Strive to raise Fox’s Master Arts to unlock his ability which heightens the chance of critical hits and evasion for no SP cost.

A Tier (Middle Tier)

Playable Character Combat Roles Combat Style
Persona 5 Scramble - SkullSkull 1. Melee (Initiator, Control, and Finisher)
2. Ranged Gun
3. Ranged Spell (Electric)
4. Buff Support
Hits enemies steadfast with his Bludgeon while also spraying multiple enemies with shotgun bullets.
Skull is a decent option because of his durability which makes him shrug off attacks with ease. He also has good Gun attacks which are effective on many bosses who are weak to it. Skull can also handle the early phase enemies pretty well with his access to an Electric skill.
Persona 5 Scramble - QueenQueen 1. Melee (Mobility, Control, and Finisher)
2. Ranged Gun
3. Ranged Spell (Nuke)
4. Buff Support
Employs many styles like “Burst” which combines nuclear attribute with her attacks and “Revolver” which picks off enemies through rapid-fire shots.

Queen can serve the role of a finisher thanks to her expertise in Nuclear skills which take advantage of technical damage. Pair her with teammates that can inflict status conditions, and then strike them down with Nuclear attacks. Keep an eye out for the enemy composition when infiltrating Jails. Some of these consist of enemies that are particularly weak to the Nuclear attribute which can give Queen some time to shine.

Persona 5 Scramble - PantherPanther 1. Melee (Harass and Control)
2. Ranged Gun
3. Ranged Spell (Fire)
4. Debuff Support
Ann’s whip is imbued with fire which hits many enemies at a time. She also makes use of a machine gun which has a high rate of fire.

Similar to Queen, Panther is also another situational teammate due to the variety of enemies across Jails. Have her perform a combo and finalize it with the △ button to light them up. Although Panther can dish out some nice combos because of her wide reach, she struggles to compete against other characters like Fox and Sophia.

Persona 5 Scramble - HaruNoir 1. Melee (Control and Reflect)
2. Ranged Gun
3. Ranged Spell (Psy)
4. Buff Support
Attacks enemies with an axe that she uses in conjunction with Psy and Gun attacks.

Noir specializes with Gun skills which becomes more powerful after she attains a higher level of Master Arts. Like the other Phantom Thieves, the reason Noir is placed on the middle tier is due to her situational role.

B Tier (Low Tier)

Playable Character Combat Roles Combat Style
Persona 5 Scramble - MonaMona 1. Melee (Initiator and Mobility)
2. Ranged Gun
3. Ranged Spell (Wind)
4. Healing Support
Charges towards enemies through his Mona Bus form while also dealing Wind attacks.
Mona shines as support which makes him somewhat inadequate in combat compared to other characters. That being said, Mona has access to a unique recovery skill which is shared by one other member, Joker. He also comes in handy for transport and makes it easier to encounter enemies with the △ button.

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