Brawl Stars - Big Game Guide

A guide to Brawl Stars' Big Game event. One player is designated as the Boss where five others try to take him out in the fastest possible time.

Brawl Stars Big Game Game Mode

Big Game Guide

Big Gamet is a one-versus-five time attack-style game mode. The unique feature of this game mode is that one player is designated as the “Boss” of the match. The Boss’ Brawler higher health and damage in addition to being noticeably larger in size compared to his enemies. The goal of the non-Boss Brawlers is to kill the Boss Brawler in the fastest possible time, while the goal of the Boss Brawler is to survive at the longest possible time.


  • The Boss Brawler starts at one end of the map while the non-Boss Brawlers start at the other. The timer starts counting up when the match commences.
  • Because of the size of the Boss Brawler, his or her attacks will be longer in range than normal. While the Boss Brawler will have higher health and damage than usual, they will not have any health regeneration and will gradually lose health throughout the match.
  • Each non-Boss Brawler will respawn upon dying an infinite number of times.
  • The match ends when the team of five finally kills the Boss Brawler.
  • The Boss Brawler and non-Boss Brawlers will receive keys at the end of the match. The longer the Boss Brawler survived, the more keys will be rewarded to him or her and less to the non-Boss Brawlers (and vice versa). The Boss Brawler will receive the maximum number of keys by surviving past 2 minutes and 10 seconds, while the non-Boss Brawlers will receive the most keys killing the Boss Brawler in under 2 minutes and 5 seconds.


  • Because the Boss Brawler player only needs to survive the longest possible time, attacking enemies is only necessary to get yourself out of dangerous situations or to prevent yourself from being swarmed. Otherwise, running away and stalling the game is a great strategy to get the maximum number of keys as the Boss Brawler.
  • Brawlers with good mobility are naturally going to have an easier time surviving as the Boss.
  • Brawlers that are able to summon minions or deploy weapons also shine as Boss Brawlers since they give non-Boss Brawlers additional things to deal with on the battlefield.
  • For non-Boss Brawlers, the most obvious strategy is to overwhelm the Boss Brawler with a constant barrage of attacks. This means that Brawlers with good damage output or damage spread are good to use as the non-Boss Brawlers. Brawlers like Frank and Spike can also help take out the Boss Brawler by immobilizing or slowing them down.

Best Brawlers

Boss Brawlers

Brawler Description
Brawl Stars NitaNita Nita is one of the best Brawlers to use as a Boss since her bear introduces an additional threat to enemies. Nita herself can take on crowds of enemies herself with her attacks. She additionally has respectable tankiness to survive longer than most other Brawlers as a Boss.
Brawl Stars CrowCrow Crow is a good Brawler to use as a Boss simply due to his fast movement speed. In addition, he is able to jump around the battlefield with his Super to frustrate his pursuers.
Brawl Stars MortisMortis Mortis has good mobility thanks to his Shovel Swing attack and can even regain health with his Life Blood Super attack. These tools make it easy for him to stall the game by constantly running away from non-Boss Brawlers.

Non-Boss Brawlers

Brawler Description
Brawl Stars FrankFrank Frank’s ability to stun enemies makes him a bane of Boss Brawlers. The moment the Boss is immobilized can easily spell the end of the game as Frank’s teammates gang up on their prey for a fast kill. Two Franks on the non-Boss Brawler team can even stunlock a Boss helpless until the rest of the team finishes them off.
Brawl Stars ShellyShelly Shelly performs very well against Boss Brawlers because of her high damage. The spread of her shotgun is nullified by the size of the boss brawler.
Brawl Stars SpikeSpike Spike can slow down a Boss with his Stick Around! Super attack, allowing the rest of the team to catch up on the fleeing enemy and swarm him. His mode of attack is also worth mentioning, given that his Needle Grenade can hit a single enemy multiple times if it explodes near them.

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