Brawl Stars - Crow Strategies Guide

A guide to Brawl Stars' Crow. We go over the Brawler's strengths, weaknesses, and strategies in each of the game's modes.

Brawl Stars Crow


Crow is an offensive brawler who poisons enemies he attacks. His Swoop Super Attack can be a game maker, allowing him to either jump on weak enemies or away from dangerous areas. Despite weaker defensive, the toxic assassin can be a nightmare in the right hands.


  • Poisonous Attacks – He might not have the best damage output, but Crow has one unique damage type that makes him a worthy foe. His attacks continually tick away at the affected foe’s health after they are struck. Not only does this help diminish their health, but also prevents the Brawler from recovering for a longer period and keeps them from hiding in the grass.
  • Slippery – Swoop allows Crow to jump out of ambushes or jump into ambushes of his own. This prevents enemies who otherwise rely on careful positioning from getting too comfy and can completely disrupt any ambushes they might try.


  • Lower Initial Damage – Crow’s poison damage comes with a cost, namely a smaller on-hit damage than other Brawlers. His initial basic attack is not that strong and you might have a hard time killing off tankier brawlers if fighting alone.
  • Low Health – Crow has a low health pool, making him very easy to kill should he misposition himself in a team fight. One small mistake can lead to Crow being quickly wiped out. Be careful when planning your assault

General Attack Strategy

Basic Attack Effect
Brawl Star Crow AttackSwitchblade Crow throws a triple threat of poisoned daggers. Enemies nicked by these blades will take damage over time.
  • The poison damage will tick four times, each tick dealing half of Crow’s main damage. Don’t rely too much on Switchblade’s initial damage because the poison damage might be enough to kill enemy brawlers.
  • Hitting enemies with multiple daggers means more damage dealt, but also puts the squishy Crow into a much more vulnerable position.
  • The poison damage reveals enemies who are hiding in the grass. This is good for tracking enemy movement to avoid ambushes.
  • The amount of poison damage dealt is based on the amount of damage done in the initial strike.
Super Attack Effect
Brawl Stars Crow Super AttackSwoop Crow takes to the skies, throwing a ring of poisoned daggers around him both on take-off and landing.
  • Swoop also deals poison damage just the same as Switchblade.
  • When using it offensively, try to go as near as possible to the target so that multiple daggers strike them.

Game Mode Strategies

Gem Grab

Crow can be both a decent gem carrier and offensive presence in Gem Grab. Always act aggressively and surprise the enemies from the grass. Try to keep control of the gem mine and be on the lookout for ambushes from behind. Don’t be too aggressively though, as Crow is rather squishy and won’t be able to stand up to too much resistance.


  • Solo – Crow does well in most Showdown maps. Try to camp out a safe spot as early as possible and surprise enemies who pass by. Don’t be too hasty when you see a crate, as Crow takes some time to destroy one. Practice patience if you want to succeed as Crow in this game mode.
  • Duo – Support your duo partner with poison damage, both weakening foes and preventing them from healing. Only ever jump on foes if they are alone and the kill is guaranteed.


Heist is probably Crow’s strongest game mode. His poison attack applies in the safe and Swoop allows him to jump immediately onto it to deal damage. Apply pressure to the enemies until your super meter is full. Jump immediately to the safe and unload all of your daggers onto it. The damage over time should force the enemies to act defensively.


Crow is good in this game mode as well because his kit allows him to act both offensively and defensively. Don’t jump head-first into team fights, instead waiting to assess the situation. What you want to do is deal poison damage and not allow the enemy brawlers to regenerate. If you see an enemy brawler with a higher bounty, use your super attack on him and go crazy. The secret is to poke them out, but not to a point where you’ll be charging at them directly.

Brawl Ball

In Brawl Ball, don’t act the ball handler. Instead, be offensive and deny the enemy the ball whenever they move for it. Crow doesn’t have much health and can be easily killed once he takes control of the ball. In short, play as the main damage dealer and nothing more.

Big Game

Crow is also strong in Big Game as his poison damage can be a huge factor in killing the boss brawler. Try to go as near as possible in order to deal full damage and hit with all three daggers. Just you hitting all your daggers is enough to significantly help the team kill the boss as fast as possible. When playing as the boss, Crow can buy time by jumping away from the enemies into an empty part of the map.

Robo Rumble

Crow might work in Robo Rumble because due to his decent damage output. That said, Robo Rumble is all about defending a safe and he doesn’t have much to contribute to a team aside from damage. His super attack is also not that useful here except for getting away from a robot when you are low on health.

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