Brawl Stars - Dynamike Brawler Stats and Attributes

Guide for the brawler Dynamike, a character in Brawl Stars. Included are Dynamike’s abilities, statistics, strengths, weaknesses, and more.

Dynamike Stats

Brawl Stars Dynamike

Dynamike Stats

Stats Lv.1 Per Level Increase Lv.9-10
HP 2800 140 3920
Reload Speed 1.7 seconds
Attack Damage 760 per Dynamite 38 per Dynamite 1064 per Dynamite
Super Damage 2000 100 2800
Movement Speed 2.65 Tiles per Second
Attack Type Long Range Lob

Dynamike Attacks (Descriptions, Videos, and Mechanics)

Basic Attack Effect
Brawl Stars Dynamike AttackShort Fuse Short-tempered Mike is always moments from blowing up, just like the two lit sticks of dynamite he tosses.
Ability Mechanics:

  • Ability Range: 6.5 Tiles
  • Projectile Speed: 7 Tiles per Second.
  • Tosses 2 bundles of dynamite each shot.
Super Attack Effect
Brawl Stars Dyanmike Super AttackBig Barrel o’ Boom A big-bada-barrel of dynamite blows up just about everything. Enemies get knocked back on impact!
Ability Mechanics:

  • Ability Range: 6.5 Tiles
  • Projectile Speed: 5.9 Tiles per Second
  • Destroys obstacles and cover.


Star Power Effect
Brawl Stars Star PowerDyna-Jump Dynamike can now use the concussive force of his attacks and Super to propel himself in the air, even over walls!

Countered By

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Counter To

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