Brawl Stars - Ricochet Strategies Guide

A guide to Brawl Stars' Ricochet. We go over the Brawler's strengths, weaknesses, and strategies in each of the game's modes.

Brawl Stars Ricochet


Ricochet is one of the premiere long-range Brawlers. He shoots a stream of projectiles in a line, and as his name implies, the bullets bounce off of surfaces. This allows Ricochet to attack enemies in otherwise unreachable locations.


  • Bouncing Bullets – Richochet’s Basic Attacks bounce off walls. This allows him to angle his shots to tag opponents who use the obstacles for cover.
  • Heavy Damage – Ricochet shoots a lot of bullets which can mow down opponents. He is able to take down very quickly if he manages to land his shots


  • Vulnerable – Ricochet has low HP which makes him rather weak to incoming fire. He also struggles when Brawlers close in on him.
  • Trick Shots – Players need to get a hang of Ricochet’s bouncing bullets. It will take some time to perfect the angled shots Ricochet is notorious for.

General Attack Strategy

Basic Attack Effect
Brawl Stars Ricochet AttackBouncy Bullets Ricochet’s bullets bounce off everything except his opponents, and can hit them behind cover.
  • Use any and all walls to your advantage. A good Ricochet can be extremely hard to escape from.
  • Ricochet’s Bouncy Bullets also pack a punch in the open. Do your best to hit with as many bullets as possible. This way, you can use Trick Shot for even more Bouncy Bullet mayhem!
Brawl Stars Ricochet Super AttackTrick Shot Ricochet fires a long burst of bullets that can pierce through enemies and bounce off walls.
  • Trick Shot is good when fighting at close quarters. When the bullets are bouncing all around the target, it is near impossible to miss!
  • Trick Shot can also be used to flush out enemies hiding in the brush. However, for maximum effect, try to angle your Trick Shot to hit obstacles like walls so that you have a higher chance of tagging an enemy.

Game Mode Strategies

Gem Grab

Ricochet is an okay pick for Gem Grab. He can serve as artillery support for his team. Keep your distance, shoot at the brush, and angle your shots with the walls to increase your chances of hitting enemies. Use Trick Shot to assist your teammates if they find themselves in a tight situation and are in dire need of cover fire.


  • Solo – Be more defensive when playing Ricochet in Solo Showdown. Pick your position and try to snipe enemies who are low on HP. Remember to shoot at the brush before you enter it to avoid surprise attacks.
  • Duo – Similar to Solo Showdown, play a bit more cautiously with your teammate. Provide the necessary cover fire when entering the brush. Try to get the jump on enemy teams while maintaining your distance.


Ricochet is okay in Heist. He can use the multiple walls to shoot at enemies at unique angles. He works best when pelting enemies from afar, so make sure you are at a safe distance when doing so. In the event where you have a clear shot a the opposing team’s Safe, let Bouncy Bullets and Trick Shot rip for massive damage!


Use the map to take out enemies from a distance. Specifically, target opponents with high stars. Once you’ve racked up stars yourself, do your best to stay back and pick your shots wisely.

Brawl Ball

Ricochet is not a good choice in Brawl Ball since he lacks HP. Good brawlers in Brawl Ball are usually those with high HP. What he can do is deal damage from afar, but usually, the action in Brawl Ball is in-your-face.

Big Game

Ricochet is a decent brawler in Big Game if he is part of the hunting team. He hits quick and hard and can aid his team in whittling down the Boss’ HP. As the Boss, Ricochet is lackluster. Most enemies will gang up on him, and even with his an HP bonus, Ricochet is still susceptible to biting the dust quickly.

Robo Rumble

Ricochet is an okay choice in Robo Rumble. He can use the walls to hit the enemy robots while he avoids getting swarmed. Do your best to keep your distance while pelting the enemy robots with Bouncy Bullets.

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