Brawl Stars - Mortis Stats and Attributes

Guide for the brawler Mortis, a character in Brawl Stars. Included are Mortis' abilities, statistics, strengths, weaknesses, and more.

Mortis Stats

Brawl Stars Mortis

Mortis Stats

Stats Lv.1 Per Level Increase Lv.9-10
HP 3800 190 5320
Reload Speed 2.5 seconds
Attack Damage 800 40 1120
Super Damage 800 40 1120
Movement Speed 3 Tiles per Second
Attack Type Melee

Mortis Attacks (Descriptions, Videos, and Mechanics)

Basic Attack Effect
Brawl Star Mortis AttackShovel Swing Mortis dashes forward with a sharp swing of his shovel, creating business opportunities for himself.
Ability Mechanics:

  • Range: 2 Tiles
  • Mortis dashes while attacking
Super Attack Effect
Brawl Stars Mortis Super AttackLife Blood Mortis calls forth a swarm of vampire bats that drain the health of his enemies while restoring his. Creepy!
Ability Mechanics:

  • Range: 10 Tiles
  • Projectile Speed: 10.1 Tiles per Second
  • Life Blood heals Mortis equal to the damage dealt.
  • Can pass through walls and obstacles.
  • Can hit multiple enemies.

Star Power

Star Power Effect
Brawl Stars Star PowerCreepy Harvest Mortis can see and reap the souls of defeated enemy brawlers. Collecting a soul restores 1000 of his health

Countered By

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Counter To

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