Brawl Stars - Colt Brawler Stats and Attributes

Guide for the brawler Colt, a character in Brawl Stars. Included are Colt’s abilities, statistics, strengths, weaknesses, and more.

Colt Stats

Brawl Stars Colt

Colt Stats

Stats Lv.1 Per Level Increase Lv.9-10
HP 2800 140 3920
Reload Speed 1.6 seconds
Attack Damage 300 per Bullet 14 per Bullet 412 per Bullet
Super Damage 300 per Bullet 14 per Bullet 412 per Bullet
Movement Speed 2.65 Tiles per Second
Attack Type Straight Line

Colt Attacks (Descriptions, Videos, and Mechanics)

Basic Attack Effect
Brawl Stars Colt AttackSix-Shooter Colt shoots six straight long-range shots out of his revolvers
Ability Mechanics:

  • Range: 9 Tiles
  • Projectile Speed: 14 Tiles per Second
  • Six-Shooter only fires in a straight line
Super Attack Effect
Brawl Stars Colt Super AttackBullet Train Colt rattles off a massive burst of bullets that shoot extra far and destroy cover.
Ability Mechanics:

  • Range: 11 Tiles
  • Projectile Speed: 18.1 Tiles per Second
  • The ability can destroy terrain and walls.
  • The projectile of Bullet Train will appear larger and have a longer range compared to Six-Shooter

Star Power

Star Power Effect
Brawl Stars Star PowerSlick Boots Colt’s movement speed is increased by a pair of slick new boots.

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