Brawl Stars - Leon Strategies Guide

A guide to Brawl Stars' Leon. We go over the Brawler's strengths, weaknesses, and strategies in each of the game's modes.

Brawl Stars Leon


Leon is a high damage Brawler who specializes in stealth. The boy can go invisible with his smoke bomb,


  • Sneak Attack Master – Leon is able to sneak up on enemies with Smoke Bomb, making him the only Brawler capable os sneaking up on enemies without the use of tall grass. With his heavy damage, he can use this strength to quickly burst down foes before slipping back into the shadows.
  • Fast – Boasting one of the highest movement speeds in the game, Leon is able to move around the map very quickly. This is essential to rushing up to enemies and bursting them down quickly.


  • Squishy – Leon has a rather scant amount of health. This can be a problem, considering how close he has to get to enemies to be effective. Players will have to be very careful not to get caught out when moving to ambush their prey.

General Attack Strategy

Basic Attack Effect
Spinner Blades Leon flicks his wrist and fires four Spinner Blades. The blades deal less damage the farther they travel.
  • Despite doing more damage at a close range, Spinner Blades have a respectable range. Harass enemies from a distance to build up your super meter.
  • Spinner Blades don’t move extraordinarily quickly, so be sure to lead your shots when attacking from a distance.
Super Attack Effect
Smoke Bomb Leon’s Smoke Bomb turns him invisible for 10 seconds. If he attacks while invisible, he will be revealed.
  • This is a great way to sneak up on foes to burst them down. Go for Brawlers at the back of the fight who try to rely on range for safety.
  • Be careful when sneaking up too short range brawlers, as they will likely be able to out DPS Leon if he can’t burst them down right away.

Game Mode Strategies

Gem Grab

Leon should focus completely on offense, taking out enemy Brawlers whenever he can. Go directly for enemy gem carriers when they are open to keep their total gem count down.


  • Solo – Be extremely careful when moving around the map, as getting caught will almost surely result in Leon’s doom. Approach squishy brawlers and ambush them for easy kills. Try to collect as many Power Cubes as possible to ensure that your bursts are immediately lethal.
  • Duo – Wait until the target engages with your teammate before moving in to assassinate them. Avoid taking damage whenever possible to avoid being quickly cut down.


Leon should try to pick off Brawlers that are moving for his team’s safe to keep it safe. After charging Smoke Bomb, Leon can sneak over to the enemy safe to get some damage in on it unopposed.


Possibly Leon’s strongest mode. The Stealthy Assassin can slip up to opponents and burst them away before quickly slipping away. His slippery nature can make Leon very hard to take down so long as the player is always mindful when attacking.

Brawl Ball

A rather poor choice for Brawl Ball, Leon should generally be avoided here. His main contribution will be in picking off Brawlers so that the ball handler has an easier time. His low health pool keeps him from being a good ball carrier, so should only try if absolutely necessary.

Big Game

Leon’s stealth can make him frustrating to hit when he plays as the boss. Using the stealth to dart around foes and avoid detection can help him run up the clock for as long as possible. His stealth won’t offer much when fighting the boss, though. He will only have his damage to offer and will likely spend a lot of time walking back from respawn after dying.

Robo Rumble

Without any form of crowd control in his arsenal, Leon isn’t a great choice for Robo Rumble. He will have to be careful when attacking robos to avoid getting torn down by their damage.

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