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Heist Guide

Brawl Stars Heist Game Mode

In Heist, two 3-Brawler teams square off and try to crack open the other’s safe before time runs out. Whether through a full-on offensive or careful positioning, it’s up to the players to put a dent in the opposing team’s safe!


  • The two teams spawn at opposite sides of the map. The objective of the game is to destroy or deal high amounts damage to the opposing team’s safe before time runs out.
  • Brawlers respawn near their team’s safe after a short time when they are killed.
  • The winning team is determined by the health of their safe – either the opposing team’s safe is destroyed, or their own safe has more HP than the opponents’.


  • Take note of the layout of the map. Often times, the middle area is a crucial spot which can make or break your team’s advance. Make sure to secure such high-priority areas by properly defending it or siege it away from your enemies.
  • Depending on your team composition, you can either storm the opposing team’s side and blast their safe or play it defensively and attack after dispatching the enemy team.
  • If you have a tanky Brawler in your lineup, have that player take the brunt of the enemy’s damage while the squishier Brawlers pepper the enemy team with shots.
  • Brawlers with movement based Supers are well suited to this game mode. They can rush past the opposition to attack the safe directly.

Best Brawlers

Brawler Description
Brawl Stars BullBull Bull’s Super allows him to rush straight to the enemy team’s safe and go to town on it. He also has excellent damage at close range which makes short work of defending Brawlers. However, Bull players need to pick the right moment to blitz the opposing enemy’s side because his attacks don’t have that much range and he is susceptible to long-range attacks.
Brawl Stars DynamikeDynamike Dynamike’s normal and super attacks are extremely effective when your team trying to secure a crucial area on the map. They are also very effective when trying to crack the opposing team’s safe. He can attack the safe from over cover with high powered attacks, making short work of it!
Brawl Stars JessieJessie Jessie is exceptionally good when it comes to securing a perimeter for her team. Having her place her turret at strategic locations puts added pressure to the opposing team. On top of that, her normal attacks bounce against enemy brawlers, giving her many angles of attack.

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