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Brawl Stars Showdown Game Mode

Showdown Guide

Showdown is a game mode that pits 10 players against one another in a free-for-all battle royale. The goal is to defeat the other players and be the last brawler standing. Players need to defeat the opposition quickly, though, because the perimeter of the field gradually shrinks!


  • Players start the match randomly at pre-designated spawn points.
  • Boxes litter the match, each containing a power cube. Brawlers grow in health and attack damage for each cube that they collect.
  • Brawlers drop a power cube when defeated.
  • A poisonous gas will gradually move in from the sides of the map to shrink the playable area. Brawlers or objects in the gas will take damage every second until they exit.


  • Don’t risk your life for a power cube. Extra strength is meaningless if you die getting it.
  • When using a brawler with short range, it is best to take advantage of the brush as often as possible. Wait for unsuspecting brawlers to pass by and surprise them with your attacks.
  • Conversely, when using brawlers with mid to long range, it is best to aim your attacks at bushes before walking through them. This way, you can flush out any hiding opponents.
  • Be careful when trying to destroy a crate. Opponents might be lurking in the brush and can blitz you just when you’re about to get the power-ups.
  • When you see an opponent that’s taking heavy fire, you can opt to join the fight and try to nab the power-ups. Be careful not to get caught in the crossfire, though, as you might become the next target!
  • Be mindful of where you are moving in a fight. Stumbling across another healthy enemy when in the middle of a skirmish can be deadly.
  • When you’re low on health, try to get away and hide in a brush. This way, you can regenerate lost HP after a few seconds of not getting damaged.

Best Brawlers


Brawler Description
Brawl Stars DynamikeDynamike Dynamike’s normal attacks lets him bombard opponents at a safe distance. Furthermore, his dynamite sticks are effective tools when trying to flush out opponents hiding in the brush.
Brawl Stars BullBull Bull’s high health and heavy damage makes him great at picking off foes, especially if he can get the jump on them. His Bulldozer can additionally be used to escape from sticky situations when they arise.
Brawl Stars BarleyBarley Barley is another long-range brawler who excels in flushing out opponents with his flaming molotovs. His normal attacks are especially useful when trying to disperse enemy brawlers hiding on the brush. Apart from that he can also smother opponents’ escape route by carpeting it with his attacks; those caught in its wake will receive Damage-Over-Time the longer they are in the affected area.
Brawl Stars FrankFrank Frank’s large HP pool allows him to easily survive Free-for-All environments. What’s more, his stun allows for easy kills when paired with his heavy damage. He will have to stay in bushes and surprise opponents in order to make up for his sub-par mobility, however.

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  1. Great tips, I’ve had the game for about 4 days now and am just about to reach 1600 trophies in total. generally, with a game, you can learn the mechanics and figure out all the little tricks right off the bat. This game is about the same way, I had already figured out about id say half of the things listed here. But the other things that were mentioned are hopefully going to be helpful in the future.