Brawl Stars - El Primo Strategies Guide

A guide to Brawl Stars' El Primo. We go over the Brawler's strengths, weaknesses, and strategies in each of the game's modes.

Brawl Stars El Primo


El Primo is a beefy wrestler who likes to get up close and personal when dealing with his adversaries. He relies on his rapid fists of fury to bring the pain to his opponents, as well as his patented flying elbow drop to surprise and stun enemies hiding in the brush.


  • Tanky Tussler – El Primo has one of the highest HPs in the game, and he uses this to soak massive damage as he closes in on his target.
  • Hands-On Approach – El Primo’s basic attack has an extremely fast reload time. This allows him to rush down opponents he manages to get close to. He can be exceptionally deadly when bursting from the brush as a result of this high damage potential.


  • Low Range – As Brawl Stars’ resident melee brawler, El Primo is a bit difficult to play. This is especially true for players who are more comfortable with ranged brawlers. He typically struggles against brawlers who have strong burst damage like Shelly or Bull. He is also susceptible to being kited by long range brawlers if he cannot find cover.

General Attack Strategy

Basic Attack Effect
Brawl Stars El Primo AttackFists of Fury El Primo fires off a furious flurry of four fiery fists. That’s a spicy jalapeno knuckle sandwich!
  • El Primo’s go-to attack, Fists of Fury allows him to pepper enemies with four quick punches. However, he needs to get close to his target in order to maximize his damage output.
  • It is best to get into the brush and stalk enemies when using El Primo. Wait for opponents to move past you or venture into the brush and surprise them with a couple of knuckle sandwiches!
  • El Primo’s attacks pierce enemies, allowing to attack everyone in a cluster. Use this to your advantage to take out tightly packed enemies very quickly.
Super Attack Effect
Brawl Stars El Primo Super AttackFlying Elbow Drop Leaping high, El Primo drops an Intergalactic Elbow that pounds and pushes away anything he lands on!
  • El Primo’s Flying Elbow Drop allows him to fly over obstacles like walls. It also destroys walls and brushes, so you can flush out enemy brawlers that are hiding.
  • You can use the Flying Elbow Drop to land on enemies and deal massive damage!
  • Flying Elbow Drop lets El Primo get out of tight situations, however, you have to cast it quickly to ensure escape. El Primo cannot be damaged while he is flying through the air.

Game Mode Strategies

Gem Grab

El Primo is a serviceable brawler in Gem Grab. He can be the gem hoarder for the team since he is tanky and can use his Flying Elbow Drop to escape enemies. Conversely, he can also use the terrain to get around opponents and smother them with his Fists of Fury once he gets close. That said, he can have a hard time getting close to enemies and thereby be limited in effectiveness.


  • Solo – El Primo’s basic attack allows him to crack open the crates quickly. Being a melee brawler, El Primo needs to use the brush to get close to enemies. His high health allows him to take quite a bit of punishment before falling. This can help him escape from enemies when caught as well as make him a low priority target when around several enemies.
  • Duo – El Primo is a decent brawler in Showdown Duo. He teams up well with mid-range brawlers since he can tank damage while his partner brings covering fire. You can use El Primo as a scout by having him get to the brush and look out for opponents which he and his teammate can set an ambush for.


El Primo is a good brawler in Heist since his Flying Elbow Drop allows him to jump straight to the enemy’s safe. However, you have to make sure you charge it up first. This can be done by playing defensively at first, then when you have the Super Attack ready, make a beeline to the enemy safe, target the Flying Elbow Drop on the safe and pummel it with your Fists of Fury once you land.


El Primo is passable as a tanky brawler for Bounty. His playstyle in Bounty is similar to in Showdown. He can jump on the opponent with the most stars with Flying Elbow Drop before pummeling them to death with a barrage of fists.

Brawl Ball

Do your best to tag opponents with your basic attacks to charge Flying Elbow Drop. Once you have the Flying Elbow Drop, use it on the terrain of the opposing team’s goal. This way, your team has an easier path to scoring. Alternatively, use the ability to jump in front of ball handlers to either cut off their path or rip the ball from the dead hands… dead feet.

Big Game

As the Boss, El Primo deals good amounts of damage with his basic attacks, helped along with a range bonus. However, he might get in trouble since he is rather slow and can get swarmed by the opposing brawlers. El Primo is also decent as a non-boss brawler in Big Game mode, since his basic attack lets him deal solid damage.

When playing as the Boss, do your best to charge up Flying Elbow Drop. Once it is charged, get as far away from your opponents as possible to buy time.

As one of the normal brawlers, do your best to stick to the boss. Your basic attacks will let you cause a big dent to their’ HP, so long as you’re able to tag them consistently.

Robo Rumble

Try to employ a hit-and-run approach when using El Primo’s quick basic attacks against the robots. Utilize the walls and terrain to go around them and pepper the stragglers with punches. Once you have the Flying Elbow Drop ready, jump into them and dispatch the remaining robots quickly. Conversely, you can use the Flying Elbow Drop to get away to safety if the robots’ numbers become too much to handle.

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