Brawl Stars - February Patch Notes (02/28/2019)

Brawl Stars have recently released patch notes for their February update. This includes the introduction of a new brawler, new maps, game modes, and balancing.

Brawl Stars February Patch Notes

Supercell has recently released Patch Notes for the latest update to Brawl Stars, following the recent one they did last January. Included are our reactions to the latest patch:

New Brawler – Carl

We have a brand new pickaxe wielding Brawler coming later in March!

  • Super Rare Brawler

  • Main attack: Pickaxe

    • Carl has only one ammo slot, which is instantly recharged after his Pickaxe returns

    • Pickaxe returns to Carl after reaching max distance or after hitting a wall

    • Pickaxe pierces through enemies

    • Kicking the ball in Brawl Ball does not consume ammo with Carl

  • Super attack: Tailspin

    • Carl increases his speed and starts to whirl his Pickaxe in a circle, damaging everyone around him

  • Star Power: Power Throw

    • Pickaxe flight speed is increased, allowing it to travel and return faster

SG’s Comments

Another brawler marches into the battlefield! Carl seems to be a fun, yet hard to master brawler. His unique normal and super attacks make him a hybrid ranged-melee menace. Kudos to Supercell for churning out another brawler after recently releasing Gene. Here’s to hoping for more brawlers down the line.

New Game Mode – Siege

  • 3v3 game mode

  • Each team has a home base that can defend itself with a cannon. The goal is to destroy the enemy base

  • Each team tries to collect “Bolts” that spawn in the middle of the map. The team that has collected more Bolts will construct a Robo at certain points of the game. The team can then help the Robo push into the enemy base.

  • Since this game mode lasts longer, there are DOUBLE trophies, rewards, and XP!

  • New in-game environment

  • 3 New Maps

SG’s Comments

A new game mode which plays similar to Heist mixed with Gem Grab. This adds a bit more variety to the games players can take part in, which is always a nice progression.

Game Balance

  • Heist – Increased Safe health from 36000 to 40000

  • Robo Rumble – After robots enrage in Robo Rumble, they will target the safe

  • Showdown – Healing Mushrooms: Decreased the amount of healing mushrooms in the later part of the game

  • Increased Brawler item (Gems, Energy Drinks, etc) pick-up radius from 1 tile to 1.33 tiles

SG’s Comments

Some quality of life balances here to make the game modes maintain their fun factor.

  • Glad to see the safe health in Heist to be a flat 40,000 now. The 36,000 HP seemed too.. random.
  • Angry robots can no longer be swayed to follow you, mitigating the herding mechanic. This makes relying on your teammates more important now.
  • Less healing from the mushrooms means less room for playing defensively and rewarding more aggression during the latter stages of a match. Interesting, to say the least.
  • Bigger hit boxes for the pick-ups are a welcome balance, especially in Gem Grab. This makes collecting them a tad bit easier.

New Community Maps

  • Showdown – 4 New Maps

  • Gem Grab – 7 New Maps

  • Brawl Ball – 1 New Map

  • Launch Pads! New interactive map element

SG’s Comments

New map designs mean more dynamic matches. Gem Grab gets a bit more variety than the rest of the existing maps, but no complaints here. Adding Launch Pads on some of the maps are an interesting choice; it could be for the less mobile brawlers. It adds another mechanic, for sure, but not too game-breaking.

New Event Rotation

  • Showdown moved exclusively to the 2nd slot, some of the maps have active modifiers

  • Siege added to the 4th slot

  • Rotation adjusted to include the new maps and Siege

SG’s Comments

More dynamic event rotation is good to have players get accustomed to other maps. Nothing much to say here.

New Skin (Coming soon)

SG’s Comments

For those who are big on dressing up their favorite brawlers, here’s to hoping the new skin or skins will include most, if not all, the available brawlers.

New Brawler Visual effects

  • Pam

  • Barley

  • Penny

  • Mortis

  • Royal Agent Colt


  • Gene Voice overs added

  • New Clash Royale birthday menu music

  • Lowered Meteor fall volume

SG’s Comments

Adding new visual and sound effects is a good sign that the game is still getting some love from the devs, so it is always welcome.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Ability to sort Brawlers in the Brawler menu and when selecting a Brawler

  • Do not Disturb mode – Ability to mute game invites for the duration of the session. Can be set from the social menu

SG’s Comments

  • Didn’t know we needed the ability to sort brawlers in the Brawler Menu. Now it makes it easier to pick which brawler you want to use in the various game modes. Good job!
  • Do Not Disturb mode is nice, especially when you’re in a closely-contested game. This lets you focus on the match and not get distracted by invites.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where you could not see teammate’s respawn timer in Duo Showdown if your teammate died while your spawn animation was playing

  • Fixed some in-game HUD elements

  • Fixed a bug that caused the boss to get stuck in the water after charging in Boss Fight

  • Fixed a bug where bot Brawlers in friendly game rooms did not have max power level.

SG’s Comments

Nothing much to say here. Excellent job for the devs to work out the kinks on some of the game modes.

Brawler Balance


  • Increased main attack damage per second from 640 to 680

  • Increased Super damage per second from 640 to 680

SG’s Notes

Barley’s cocktails get more oomph, making the “floor is lava” statement a bit too real now. The damage increase isn’t enough to make him rise up the tier list, though.


  • Increased main attack damage from 480 to 500

SG’s Notes

More damage for the archer. Nice.


  • Increased Star Power healing from 100 per second to 200 per second

  • Increased Super projectile size from 150 to 200

  • Super no longer deals damage

  • Super can now travel through walls

  • Super now charges 30% faster

  • Gene Star Power healing effect is no longer shown to enemies

SG’s Notes

Brawl Stars’ resident genie gets some balancing for his kit. His Super doesn’t deal damage anymore, which is sad, but considering its utility, I guess it can’t be helped. Look for more pro-moves with Gene’s hooks, thanks to its lower cooldown and its ability to go through walls.


  • Decreased main attack reload time from 1.5s to 1.4s

SG’s Notes

Lower reload times is always good for any brawler, and Crow players should be happy with this buff.


  • Decreased main attack damage in close range from 460 to 440

  • Increased number of shuriken needed to fully charge up the Super from 8 to 9

SG’s Notes

Less Shuriken damage and an increased number of shuriken to charge his super. This is a needed nerf to the wily and elusive brawler.


  • Decreased Star Power healing from 1800 to 1400

SG’s Notes

More healing from the resident Vampire undertaker. You can’t have too much survivability, I guess.


  • Increased main attack reload time from 1.2s to 1.3s

SG’s Notes

A slight nerf on Pam’s main attack hurts. However, she is still useful in Protect-the-Base modes thanks to her Heal.


  • Increased Super autocharging time from 20 seconds to 30 seconds

SG’s Notes

Darryl will have less time to use his Super, thanks to the additional cooldown. Kinda a bummer, since it’s the only thing he is good at.

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