Brawl Stars - Leon Brawler Attributes, Stats & Abilities

Guide for the brawler Leon, a character in Brawl Stars. Included are Leon's abilities, statistics, strengths, weaknesses, and more.

Leon Stats

Leon Stats

Stats Lv.1 Per Level Increase Lv.9-10
HP 3200 160 4480
Reload Speed – seconds
Attack Damage 500 per blade 25 per blade 700 per blade
Super Damage
Movement Speed 3 Tiles per Second
Attack Type Projectile

Leon Attacks (Descriptions, Videos, and Mechanics)

Basic Attack Effect
Spinner Blades Leon flicks his wrist and fires four Spinner Blades. The blades deal less damage the farther they travel.
Ability Mechanics:

  • Range: 10 Tiles
  • Projectile Speed: 13 Tiles per Second
Super Attack Effect
Smoke Bomb Leon’s Smoke Bomb turns him invisible for 10 seconds. If he attacks while invisible, he will be revealed.
Ability Mechanics:

  • Ability Range:

Star Power

Star Power Effect
Smoke Trails When Leon uses his Super, he gains a boost of movement speed for the duration of his invisibility.

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