Brawl Stars - Tara Stats and Attributes

Guide for the brawler Tara, a character in Brawl Stars. Included are Tara's abilities, statistics, strengths, weaknesses, and more.

Tara Stats

Brawl Stars Tara

Brawl Stars strategyHow to Play as Tara

Tara Stats

Stats Lv.1 Per Level Increase Lv.9-10
HP 3200 160 4480
Reload Speed 2 seconds
Attack Damage 380 per card 19 per card 532 per card
Super Damage 800 40 1120
Movement Speed 2.65 cells per second
Attack Type Poison

Tara Attacks (Descriptions, Videos, and Mechanics)

Basic Attack Effect
Brawl Star Tara AttackTriple Tarot Tara flicks her wrist, snapping off three tarot cards that can pierce through enemies. Quite the trick!
Ability Mechanics:

  • Range: 8 Tiles
  • Projectile Speed: 11.7 Tiles per Second
  • Tara fires three cards in a medium cone. Each card can hit multiple enemies. 
Super Attack Effect
Brawl Stars Tara Super AttackGravity Tara conjures up a mind-boggling gravity well! Enemies in the area of effect get pulled in, crashing together painfully hard.
Ability Mechanics:

  • Range: 6.5 Tiles
  • Can suck in multiple enemies

Star Power

Star Power Effect
Brawl Stars Star PowerBlack Portal Tara’s Super cracks open a dimensional portal! A shadowy version of Tara appears and attacks her enemies.

Countered By

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Counter To

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