Brawl Stars - Bull Strategies Guide

A guide to Brawl Stars' Bull. We go over the Brawler's strengths, weaknesses, and strategies in each of the game's modes.


Bull is a close-quarters brawler who excels when he gets in the face of the opposition and blows them away with his trusty shotgun. His Double Barrel is essential in obliterating brawlers, particularly the squishy ones, and his Super Attack, Bulldozer, allows him to either bring the pain further to his enemies or get out of dodge.


  • Powerful Basic Attack –  Double Barrel lets Bull dish out tremendous amounts of damage to opponents. He is especially strong when he manages to get close to his targets and hit them with all of his shells at once.
  • Close-Range Menace – Apart from Bull’s high close-range damage, he is also rather tanky. He has an easy time dealing with other close-range fighters through this combination of high health and damage.


  • Limited Range – Bull is only strong as long as he is close to his target. He has a hard time when he can’t stick close to enemy brawlers. As such, he is particularly weak against those who can attack from a long distance.

General Attack Strategy

Basic Attack Effect
Double-Barrel Bull can’t see ten feet, but he doesn’t need to! His double barreled shotgun can blow off a barn door with ease.
  • Make it a point to get as close to enemy brawlers as possible. Bull’s basic attack does huge damage when he is at pointblank range.
  • Try to sneak close to opponents; use the brush or walls to surprise them with a double-barrel to the face when they least expect it.
Super Attack Effect
Bulldozer Bull has always been headstrong. So he puts his head down and bulldozes through opponents and obstacles.
  • Remember that Bull’s Bulldozer destroys brush and walls. This can allow him to get to otherwise out of reach opponents.
  • Offensively, you can blitz opponents who are hiding behind walls or brush.
  • Defensively, Bulldozer allows Bull to get away from tight spots. Aim Bulldozer away from the fight and watch Bull run through terrain towards safety.

Game Mode Strategies

Gem Grab

Bull is tricky to succeed with in Gem Grab. His effectiveness depends quite a bit on the map’s terrain. If there is a lot available, stick to the brush and creep towards the opposition. Blitz them at the most opportune moment for some quick kills.

When dealing with ranged brawlers, it is best to always be on the move. Use the brush and walls for cover until you’re in Double-Barrel range.


  • Solo – Bull is a fun brawler to use in Solo Showdown. Use the map to your advantage – stalk enemies from the safety of the brush and take them out when they stray close to you. The more brush on the map, the more effective Bull is.
  • Duo – Bull has a generous amount of HP, making him a capable tank. However, you still can opt to go for the sneaky approach in Duo Showdown. Wait in the brush for unwitting opponents to approach in order to thin out the opposition slowly but surely. Conversely, you can lead the charge, soaking incoming damage for your partner while they provide covering fire.


Bull is a fun brawler to pick in Heist. He can tank some damage for his team and help his side secure some territory in the map. Once he gets his Super Attack, he can bum rush the enemy team’s safe and lay down some heavy damage with Double Barrel. Crafty Bull players may even manage to pick off some enemies n the spawn should they manage to avoid their initial damage.


Bull’s damage can be an asset in Bounty. He is rather tanky and can bring the pain to his opponents, so long as he gets close enough for his basic attacks. When using Bull in Bounty, take note who in the opposing team has the most stars and make him or her a priority target.

Brawl Ball

Bull is a nice choice for Brawl Ball. He can predict where enemies will be moving based on the ball’s location and ambush them. He can also use Bulldozer to clear a path for his team towards the goal.

Big Game

Bull has the chance to be a monster in Big Game, especially if he is chosen as the Boss. He already has decent HP and high damage, and when chosen as the Boss, his basic attack will increase in range. His Bulldozer Super Attack also lets him get away from tight situations as well. This can be an asset in running down the clock.

Robo Rumble

Bull can hold the fort for his team, thanks to his damage and tankiness. However, Bull players need to be careful not to soak too much damage, as the robots might overwhelm Bull and his teammates. He should focus on quickly taking out the ranged robos with his burst damage. The close ranged robos are best left to long range allies.

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