Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Anti-Aqua Boss Guide

Anti-Aqua boss guide in Kingdom Hearts 3 which includes her various attacks and some strategies to defeat her.

How to defeat Kingdom Hearts 3’s Anti-Aqua

Anti-Aqua’s Attacks


Kingdom Hearts 3 Anti Aqua

Anti-Aqua instantaneously moves around the battlefield to either evade Sora’s attacks or damage Sora via a string of her own attacks.


Kingdom Hearts 3 Anti Aqua

Duplicates suddenly appear in order to confuse and disorient Sora. Attacking the real Anti-Aqua will destroy the illusions.

Tribulation Charge

Kingdom Hearts 3 Anti Aqua

Anti-Aqua summons two illusions of herself. Afterwards, each of them fire an energy ball towards Sora which deals a good amount of damage if they hit. These energy balls can be dodged and it leaves Anti-Aqua open to counterattack.

Icy Whirlwind

Kingdom Hearts 3 Anti Aqua

Anti-Aqua conjures two illusions of herself. They then begin to cast a whirlwind of ice which envelops them, and they all try to enclose Sora. This attack deals massive amounts of damage if Sora is not able to evade it.

Blizzard Magic

Kingdom Hearts 3 Anti Aqua

Three or more illusions appear and shoot ice magic at Sora from a distance.

Dealing with Anti Aqua

Dodge and Dispatch

Kingdom Hearts 3 Anti Aqua

Anti-Aqua has long gaps between her attacks. It is best to dodge her initial attacks and wait for her to recover. She is vulnerable after she uses her Tribulation

Icy Whirlwind

When Anti-Aqua uses her Icy Whirlwind attack, she will try to crush you at the center. Once they begin charging their whirlwinds, do your best to move away from the center.

Anti-Aqua’s Illusions

The illusions can be dispatched by either walking through them or slashing at them. One way to rid of the illusions easier is to use Thunder magic near them to help you determine the real Anti-Aqua faster.

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