Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Ice Wolf Boss Guide

Boss guide information for Arendelle's Giant Heartless Ice Wolf. Included are its attacks and a guide to defeat it.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Ice Wolf

How to defeat Kingdom Hearts 3’s Ice Wolf

Ice Wolf’s Attacks


Kingdom Hearts 3 Ice Wolf Rushdown

The Ice Wolf runs around the map and blitzes Sora and company, dealing a good amount of damage if not dodged.

Tail Attack

Kingdom Hearts 3 Ice Wolf Tail Attack

The Ice Wolf turns halfway through Sora. After a half-spin, it summons several small ice wolves that attack Sora and his allies. The smaller ice wolves use their bodies to rush the heroes and deal damage with their biting and lunging attacks.

Ice Blast

Kingdom Hearts 3 Ice Wolf Ice Blast

Although not frequently used, the Ice Wolf occasionally releases an Ice Blast. Once he rears his head, it is best to get far away to avoid getting hit.

Spinning Takedown

Kingdom Hearts 3 Skol

The Ice Wolf jumps high and falls while spinning, dealing moderate damage to Sora and anyone it hits. This attack can be avoided if you leave the landing spot.

Ice Wolf’s Special Attack

The Ice Wolf jumps into the sky and creates an immense shadow ball that will crash down on Sora and his friends.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Skol

Smaller Ice Wolves are then summoned from inside the shadow ball. Sora and company need to defeat as many of them before the timer runs out.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Skol

If time runs out and they are not able to defeat the smaller Ice Wolves, Sora and his allies will be dealt a huge amount of damage from the shadow ball.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Skol

If you manage to dispatch most of the smaller Ice Wolves, Marshmallow will hold the shadow ball. Sora will then help Marshmallow break the shadow ball which will make the giant Ice Wolf come crashing down to the battlefield.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Skol

Ice Wolf Strategy

Focus on the giant Ice Wolf whenever you get the chance, especially in the earlier stages. Avoid getting hit when he starts running around the map by dodging his rushdowns.

Once he uses his giant shadow ball attack, defeat as many smaller Ice Wolves as possible while avoiding the random shadow bolts that emanate from the shadow ball. Doing this successfully will reward you with a short cinematic of Marshmallow holding the shadow ball and Sora destroying it. Once it’s destroyed, the final boss of Arendelle will plummet and be susceptible to damage.

Teaming up with Marshmallow

Kingdom Hearts 3 Skol

Whenever you can, pair up with Marshmallow. His Avalanche Breath deals large amounts of damage to the Ice Wolf.

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