Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Banana Flan Mission Guide

Strategy guide on the Banana Flan Heartless mission in Monstropolis for Kingdom Hearts 3, including tips to achieve a high score in game.

KH3 Banana Pudding Mini Game Guide

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Tips for Banana Flan Mission

Big Flan Heartless’ Movements

If the big Flan Heartless catches you, the mission will automatically end regardless of how much time you had left.

The big Flan Heartless attacks slowly, though it can catch you off-guard if you focus too much on the small enemies in the area. The big Flan Heartless can additionally suddenly jump to close the gap and attack you. Make sure to always keep the big Flan Heartless within view to avoid failing the mission.

Aero Magic

Aero magic is effective for taking out the small Heartless Flans as it covers a wide area. These spells are also good for repelling the big Flan Heartless when it decides to jump and get close to you.

Using the Ever After Keyblade’s Mirage Staff formchange is also effective for dealing damage to groups of enemies.

Monstropolis Map and Collectibles

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