Consumable Items List [Kingdom Hearts II.8/ KH 2.8]

Consumable items for Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage. THIS SECTION WILL BE UPDATED WHEN NEW INFORMATION BECOMES AVAILABLE.


Items in Kingdom Hearts can either be key-items or consumable items. As consumables, these items are used either in combat or out of combat. Consumables such as Potions, Mega-Elixirs, and etc. are helpful when fighting strong enemies. These consumables are sold in shops or dropped when enemies are defeated.

Guide for Consumable Items

Item Name Buying Price
Potion 30
Hi-Potion 80
Mega potion 150
Ether 50
Mega-Ether 160
All-Cure 50
Elixir 250
Last Elixir 350
Balloon Letter 120
Vanilla Jewel 40
Honey Bunny 40
Hat Trick 40
Spicy Curry 40
Snow Bear 40
Lemondrop 40
Queen Berry 80
Goofy Parfait 80
Rock Crunch 80
Milky Way 80
Black Pete 120
Double Crunch 120

Items can save your life!

Whether or not you’re in a pinch, the consumables can easily turn the tides of battle in your favour. The idea of having a lot of things on you is that you can sustain much longer in battle. While having some of these items on you, you can also support your party members and make sure you survive the battle. Make sure you have enough Munny on you to buy what you need.

Also, some items have higher rarity than others. This can either make them extremely expensive or extremely precious to you as some items only need one application to change the battle.

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