Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Dark Cubes Boss Guide

Dark Cubes is a boss in Kingdom Hearts 3. Included in this guide are information about its attacks and some tips to defeat it.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Darkubes Boss

How to defeat the Dark Cubes in Kingdom Hearts 3

Dark Cubes’ Attacks

Darkube Tendril

Kingdom Hearts 3 Darkubes Attack

Dark Cubes clump together and form a big tendril. It can be distinguished from the other cubes since it has a distinctively red color. The red tendril lashes out from its origin and will try to hit Sora and his allies. It is best to always be on the move once the Dark Cubes transform into this to avoid getting damaged.

Balled Fist Punch

Kingdom Hearts 3 Darkubes Fist Attack

Another attack the Dark Cubes make is a flying punch. The Dark Cubes transform into a big balled fist and makes a rush at the heroes. Since the attack flies in a straight line from a high position, it is a bit easy to detect and can be avoided.

Spinning Attack

Kingdom Hearts 3 Darkubes Spinning Attack

Dark Cubes clump together and form a spinning wheel with jagged edges. This attack is very quick and covers a big portion of the map. It’s best to dodge this just as it is about to hit you.

Special Attack

the Dark Cubes converge atop the battlefield and form a death ball.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Darkubes Special Attack

They then emit a beam that traces and targets Sora and company for a period of time.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Darkubes Special Attack 2

Afterward, the death ball falls from a great distance, damaging any hero it lands on. Its pieces will also hurt any hero that comes in contact with it.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Darkubes Special Attack 3

Then it transforms into a spinning top, similar to its spinning attack. This damages any hero it touches.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Darkubes Special Attack 4

Dark Cubes Strategy

Aim for the Exposed Core

Kingdom Hearts 3 Darkubes guide

After its attack, the Dark Cubes core will be exposed for a short period of time. Attacking the core directly does the most damage. Use a combination of physical and magical attacks as well as double-team moves with Baymax in order to maximize your damage output.

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