Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Equipment Guide and Directory

This page contains a basic guide and directory of all equipment in Kingdom Hearts 3, including weapons, armor, accessories, items and synthesis materials. Click on an equipment type to go to it's directory.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Equipment Guide and Directory

Equipment Guide and Directory

Players will obtain a variety of equipment in Kingdom Hearts 3, ranging from weapons, armor, and accessories to items and synthesis materials.

Wearable equipment has various stats and attributes. They can additionally grant the wearer certain abilities to help in combat. Items are actively used in battle to heal or cure party members or grant certain buffs. Synthesis Materials are used to craft equipment.


Equipment Guide and Directory

Keyblades / Keychains

Keyblades are Sora‘s primary weapons. They are usually obtained throughout the main story after liberating a certain world from the forces of darkness. They can also be synthesized via the Keyblade Synthesis option in the Moogle Shop Workshop.

Sora’s Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3 have unique feature called Formchange. This allows Sora to transform his Keyblade to grant him more powerful attacks based on the weapon’s motif.

Sora can equip up to three Keyblade at a time, able to swap between them during combat.

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As the party’s mage, Donald uses a staff in battle to help him cast various spells. The various staves in the game typically have abilities that enhance Donald’s style of combat.

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Goofy‘s weapon of choice is the shield, owing to his status as a knight of The Kingdom. While the weapon can easily be dismissed as a purely defensive combat tool, it is pretty common for them to feature a variety of abilities that boost Goofy’s damage potential.

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Equipment Guide and Directory

A variety of armor can be obtained or synthesized in the game as well. They give the wearer varying levels of protection, as well as resistance against certain elemental attacks from enemies.

Sora can equip up to three pieces of armor at a time, allowing their defenses to stack and giving him a variety resistances to elemental attacks.

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Equipment Guide and Directory

Accessories grant the wearer further boosts in Strength and Magic but are primarily sought for their AP stats. Ability Points allow the wearer to equip various combat abilities. Powerful abilities typically require a sizable amount of AP, making the process of finding the best Accessories essential.

Sora can equip up to three accessories at a time to augment his AP, as well as improving his Strength and Magic stats.

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  • Find out more about Abilities.


Equipment Guide and Directory

Items are consumables that heal or cure characters, restore MP, or give them temporary buffs during combat. They can be equipped on characters as well.

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Synthesis Materials

Equipment Guide and Directory

Synthesis Materials are used to craft weapons, armor, accessories, or items, as well as even rarer materials. They can be obtained through various methods such as defeating certain enemies or as rewards during side missions.

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